Thursday, February 27, 2014

Parker is 5!

I really never meant to quit using my blog, it just kinda happened. I guess life just got busy but I started thinking that I never did an update for my Parker for his birthday.
 Parker chose a football party for his birthday this year and for some reason he was insistent on having it at our house. We just had a few boys over (and Ava of course!) They ate pizza and cake and ice cream, smashed a pinata and played a new football game on the Wii. 

Parker is such a sweet boy and I can not wrap by head around him turning 5. He will start kindergarten in the fall! HOw is this possible?? It seems like yesterday we were driving back and forth to Huntsville and Birmingham constantly PRAYING that God would bless us with a little baby. Boy did he answer those prayers!!

Parker is in the Pre K class at Early arts and he is in Ms. Belynda's class. His best buddies at school are Edward and George. I love watching them play together and I am heartbroken they will all be going to different schools this fall. 
 Parker is still a momma's boy and I love it! I hope that never changes. He loves sports, playing with friends, playing and bothering his brother, and playing the Wii and games on his phone. 

 He is still a picky eater. His favorite foods right now are cheese dip and peanut butter. He would eat that everyday if I let him. 
 I think that Parker will be tall like the Greenhaw's. He is in the 90% for height. He's growing like a weed. 
Parker Holt Greenhaw, 
Mommy, daddy, and Preston love you more than you will ever know!!! 

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