Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

July 3rd we loaded the van and headed down to the beach. Chad's parents were in Panama City so we drove down to spend a few days with them before we headed over to Orange Beach to spend the week with my parents and brother and Shea. 

Sadly, Panama City was pretty much a bust because is RAINED the ENTIRE time we were there. Parker was so ready to plan on the beach but instead we were stuck inside. Preston had gotten sick a day or two before we left with a cold and ear infection so we just hung out with his parents inside and let Preston have some rest. 

 The unit where his parents were staying had a golf cart so that provided LOTS of entertainment during the rainy days. All the boys, including Chad, left the beach ready to purchase our own! 

After our visit in Panama City we drove over to Gulf Shores to meet my parents on Saturday.( My brother and Shea came Tuesday night.)

Unfortunately, we battled lots of rain this week as well but it was not a total wash out and we did have some nice days scattered throughout the week. Preston was actually sicker by this time so he spend lots of time in the condo. Poor guy..

 The Manchester's were down at the same time so we took advantage and met up at Adventure Island. The arcade was a big hit and the go cart races were pretty heated! 

 Before we went to the beach, Parker was obsessed with getting a sharks tooth necklace because Edward got one when he went a few weeks before. Of course he wore it once and hasn't even thought of it since. That's $10 down the drain. :)

 Family Photo

 GeeBee and Pops with the boys

 Waiting to eat at LuLu's can be boring. 

Cute little sandy toes. 
Until next time Orange Beach!

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