Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

This little cutie bug is 14 months old now. Time is a flyin! Even though he keeps me on my toes, he sure is a sweetie! 

He is teething like crazy right now and the poor thing still only has 2 teeth. All of his friends at church have a mouth full! But don't let that fool you, those two little teeth are put to work. This kid loves to eat and he will pretty much eat anything! If you are eating, he wants a bite. 

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend. I am so honored that God heard our prayers over 4 years ago for children. Chad and I are so thankful to have these two little miracles. 

Silly Faces!

And now we are mad! 
I sure do love these guys!

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Shree Venkatesh said...

nice clicks, its such a nice thing to spend time with family