Thursday, March 14, 2013

Preston is 1!

Apparently the move and life with 2 kids has gotten the best of me because I haven't blogged in forever. I need to get back on track or we won't remember anything about poor Preston. He's the second child for sure!!

I know that every mom says this when their baby turns one but.... 
I can NOT believe that he is 1 year old! 

He was such a precious surprise that I just want to soak up every minute with him. I feel as though the baby years are just quickly slipping away. :(

We celebrated his birthday with a small family Micky Mouse party on his birthday, March 2. 

He enjoyed the presents but big brother did most of the work. (Parker didn't mind!)

Surprisingly, he was very calm with the cake which totally goes against his personality! :) He just carefully ate and he really didn't make much of a mess. 


My precious family....I am one blessed mama!

I love this picture! He loves his Aunt Shea Shea!

Aunt Judy, Parker, and my dad, Pops..

GeeBee and her boys
Preston is such a sweetheart! We simply can't imagine life without him. I'm going to do his 12 month update soon. 


Stephanie Trapp said...

Happy Birthday, Preston! The Micky Mouse ears wreath is too cute! My nephew, Andrew, is in Shea's classroom this year and he just loves it. I hear so many wonderful things about her!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Shea is an amazing teacher so I am not surprised! We just adore her!