Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Sweet Preston, 
You are now 9 months old! I am so sorry sweet little man but I missed your 7th and 8th month update. Life has been absolutely crazy!! Your daddy got a new job and we moved from Indiana back to Alabama. While this is great news, we will really miss our "yankee" friends! :) It is also sad to think that you won't have any memories of your first house. We loved our time in Indiana but the main reason it was so wonderful is because God brought you to us while we were there!

One of the great things about living in Indianapolis is that it's a big city and there are so many fun things to see and do. We visited the Children's Museum often. Mommy just let you get out of the stroller recently and you loved exploring and playing with all of the toys in the baby area. Big Brother loved watching you play in there as well. You weren't shy around the "new friends" in the room and you we having a hard time sharing the ball. I guess we will have to work on that! :)

Oh me,  little man.... Will you ever sleep again? Our life is been out of routine and we haven't slept in the same place consistently in months. This has affected your sleep!! You rarely take a good nap. They typically are 20-30 minutes long. You need more rest and mommy needs more mommy time! You are now waking up constantly during the night. We now break every rule we said that we would never break. You very often end up in our bed. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted! Daddy even took a nap this afternoon and Daddy never naps! Please start sleeping. We are hoping that you will like your new room at the new house and you will start sleeping again. We get to move in December 27th!

Thankfully you do sleep in the car. Look at those chunky cheeks!

You love to be outside. If you are fussy, you will immediately smile if we walk you outside. 

You really love your mommy and daddy and you are beginning to notice when we aren't around. You will say MaMa and DaDa. You also said Bye Bye for the first time yesterday. You will also do a precious little wave when we say Bye Bye. 

You weighed 20.2 pounds at your 9 month check up. You wear 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers although they seem to be getting tight. 

You still ADORE your brother. You are now a crawler and started a few weeks ago. You will follow him everywhere. Big Brother gets frustrated sometimes but he loves to play with you. Your smiles are a mile wide when Parker is talking to you. 

As you can tell from your pictures, you love to eat! You are taking 4 bottles a day and we are doing 3 meals a day as well. You will pretty much eat anything. Mommy is determined to make sure you aren't a picky eater like Parker so I am giving you lots of different types of food. You will still eat baby food but you prefer food you can pick up with your hands. Yogurt Melts are your favorite. 

Some foods you really like are: 
Yogurt Melts
Ritz Crackers
any baby food although the green veggies are your least favorite
cheese toast
any kind of bread/biscuits
french fries

You still don't have any teeth but you have been trying to cut the bottom two for what seems like forever! 

You bring so much joy to our lives. I simply can't imagine life without you. You are a perfect you and we love you!