Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Preston!

Dear Preston, 
I can't believe it but you are now 6 months old. Time is just flying by! 

 You are such a joy and I must say, have the best smile in the world! You can light up a room!

 Your monthly pictures are getting harder as you have become quite the wiggle worm! Thank goodness  GeeBee was on the couch to help out!

By far your favorite person is Parker. Your eyes will follow him everywhere he goes. I know that once you start crawling, you will be Parker's shadow. I'm sure you will drive him crazy. 

I think that I am going to have to keep an extra eye on you because you love to put everything in your mouth. I don't remember Parker being so fascinated with slobbering on everything! 

You are drooling like crazy! The teething process is in full force. Parker was teething for MONTHS though before he actually got a tooth. I think he was around 10 months before the first one came in. I am wondering if it will take you as long. 

You are still taking five 6 ounce bottles a day. You are totally a formula baby now. We stopped nursing around 4.5 months. You didn't seem to even notice the transition. You eat rice cereal with some fruit in the morning and a veggie in the evening. You have like everything so far EXCEPT the green ones! Your big brother was the same way. He despised the green veggies too. Maybe you will grow to like them. Mommy sure hopes so!

I am not sure what you weigh because we don't go for your 6 month check up for another week or so but you are a chunky  monkey! You have the cutest rolls on your legs! 

I mean, do I even need to say it?? You have the most beautiful blue eyes! You melt mommy's heart every day!

You said Ma Ma the other day for the first time and have since said Da Da too. (But we must note that you said Ma Ma first!) You are constantly "talking" and making noise. You are a very noisy baby. Big Brother was the same way too! I have a feeling that it's going to be loud in this house for years to come!

 You are still a great sleeper at night. We put you down between 8-9 in the evening and you will sleep until 8ish the next morning. Mommy and Daddy are very thankful. 

Now, you do need to work on napping better during the day. You think it's ok to take a 30 minute nap and then not sleep anymore. Mommy is not ok with this! :) Mommy is about to have to start letting you cry it out. 

 You love to be outside. We go for lots of walks and spend tons of time at the neighborhood playground. You are always so content in the stroller. 
 You are trying to sit up on your own but you are still wobbly. I think you will get it soon though. 
 Of all the toys you have, your feet are your favorite thing to play with. You love to hold them while you are eating a bottle. 

Mommy and Daddy love you and Parker more than you will ever know!