Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preston is 4 months old!

 I am "a few days late" posting this since he turned 4 months on July 2nd... Oh well, better late than never. 

You are now 4 months old. Time is just flying by. I really don't remember it going by this fast with Parker. Everyone says that it goes by even faster with your second child and I am a believer. 

Of course I am your mommy, but I do believe that you are the cutest baby in the world! You precious smile will light up a room. You often smile so big that your eyes close from those chubby cheeks. 

You rarely cry and for the most part, you are pretty content. You will cry if you get really hungry. Thankfully, you just go with the flow. 

One of your favorite things to do it watch your big brother. You give him some of the biggest and best smiles. You think he is so funny! (Of course mommy and daddy do to!)

Your sleeping is still amazing. I truly thank you for that. :) We put you down at night between 8-9 and you usually sleep until 7 or 8 the next morning. Every one in awhile, you will wake up around 5, but I just move you into the rock n play sleeper and you will go right back to sleep. 

I am just really noticing a nap schedule. Before now it's just been sleep whenever but now that we are home from all of the vacations, you are settling into a routine. 
You go down for a morning nap around 9 or 10 and then an afternoon nap around 2. 
 You are a great eater and unfortunately, mommy just couldn't keep up with your demands! As of this week you are now only getting formula. It's bitter sweet for mommy. I sure loved that time with you but it is quite freeing! You take 5 bottles a day and each are 6 ounces. You roughly eat at 8 am, 11, 2, 5, and then again at 8 pm. You are on Similac formula. Thankfully, you don't have the reflux problems your big brother had. 

You ADORE looking at your hands. You will just stare at them forever and you will try to stuff your entire fist in your mouth. You often prefer that to your passy. 

Tummy Time is still not your favorite but you tolerate it better now as you have gotten older. You will roll over from your belly to your back but you don't do it often. You seem to be a bit lazy with that like your brother was when he was a baby. 

You weighed 14 pounds and 13 ounces at your check up this week. You are in the 48% for weight. You are in size 2 diapers and 6 month size clothing. 
 You really like to watch TV and you enjoy your Praise Baby videos. We always put you in front of one of those when we are eating dinner. 

You are an excellent car rider. We have made many road trips and you are a trooper. 

You went to the beach last week and you really liked the wind and sounds of the ocean. Thankfully, you took some great naps out there too so mommy and daddy could stay outside longer. 

Preston Allen Greenhaw, 
We love you and I am so proud to be your mommy! 

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Stephanie Trapp said...

Julie, he is just precious! What a sweet blessing and perfect addition to your family.