Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Preston, You are 3 months old!

I can't believe that you are already 3 months old. You turned 3 months old while we were in Alabama visiting our family. You sure do love it there because you get held all the time! 

You are such a happy baby. You rarely cry. You do get a little bit fussy if you are really hungry or very sleepy. 
Your hair is getting thinner but I am hoping that it doesn't all fall out. 

You sleep through the night which makes mommy and daddy very happy! You prefer to sleep in your rock and play sleeper but we are trying to get to sleep in your crib all night. You are doing a much better job now. You will typically sleep in your crib from 10-5:30ish.. And you will either go right back to sleep when I get you or I will nurse you and then you crash again until around 7 or 8. 

You have giggled a few times but we are working so hard on getting you to laugh out loud. You like to lay on your play mat and swat at your toys. You also love your bouncy seat. You aren't too crazy about the swing. We rarely put you there. Your car seat is one of your favorite places to sleep!

You ADORE your brother! You will look at him and smile the most precious smile. Parker loves you as well. YOu are the first person he asks about when he wakes up. I hope that you always stay this close. 

You are so laid back. We just cart you all over the place and you are content. 

 You are still a great eater. We might have to start supplementing formula soon but so far you have been exclusively nursed and because of that, you LOVE your mommy! :)

You found your hands and you love to put them in your mouth. You will go cross eyed looking at them. It's so funny. I think that you are going to be a thumb sucker. Mum passy's are your favorite. You won't have anything to do with any other kind. 
 You don't really like tummy time but you are getting better about it. 
Preston, You are the perfect addition to our family. I can't imagine life without you. I am so excited to watch you grow! 

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