Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preston is 2 Months Old!

Dear Preston, 

You are 2 months old today and we are more in love with you than we could've imagined! You and Parker both are true miracles and we are so blessed to have you as a precious part of our family. 

You are such a happy baby. Your smiles light up the room and make us beam! Your favorite thing to smile at is Parker. He is so silly and he loves to dance around to see you smile. You also love to smile at mommy and daddy. We just bought you a new play mat for the floor and you like to look up at smile at the toys. You are starting to swing your arms at the toys as well. One of your favorite things to look at is the ceiling fan. 

You are sleeping through the night now and you started doing that about a week ago. You will sleep from around 11 pm until 6:30 am. Mommy feels like a new woman! Thank you for being such a great sleeper. 

You don't cry that often. You do cry if mommy is taking too long to feed you though. You are much for waiting. :) You will sometimes have tummy issues in the evening which will cause some fussiness but it's getting better. Thankfully, you don't spit up that often either. Parker had more issues with this so we are so glad you are suffering like he did. 

You love to be held but that doesn't happen as much as mommy would like. With crazy Parker running around, you are getting lots more time in your swing than Parker ever did. Hopefully one day you'll understand! :)

You will take a bottle but it makes you pretty mad. Nursing with mommy is your preference for sure! During the day you want to eat about every 3 hours. If you are in your car seat sound asleep, you will go longer. 

We go to the doctor for your 2 month check up tomorrow. My guess is at least 12 pounds. You are getting chunky like Parker was. 

I am sad because your hair is much thinner than it was at birth but I don't think it was all fall out. 

You are not too crazy about tummy time. Parker hated it so I guess you are taking after your brother. 

You are wearing size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes. You have outgrown all of the cute newborn things we had. :( 

You rolled over at 3 and 4 weeks but you haven't done it since. 

You are a great car rider and that makes mommy and daddy very happy since it's a LONG drive to go back to Alabama for a visit. You are going to your first hotel this weekend. We are meeting the grandparents in Nashville for a weekend of golf and shopping! 

Preston Allen Greenhaw-
We love you more than you will ever know. Our hearts beam with joy when we see your precious face. We are so grateful that God saw it fit to bring you into our family. We can't imagine life without you now that you are here with us. 

 Parker will always show up in pictures when I am taking too many of Preston. Can we say jealous? 

Sweet brothers!

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