Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recent Happenings...

Well, let's get this out of the way.. Yes, I am still pregnant. :) I hit 38 weeks yesterday and I have mixed feelings about this. I am SOO ready to not be pregnant and see my sweet baby that has been moving (tormenting) me in my belly for the last 9 months but I am trying to enjoy these last few days as just me and Parker. I am trying to cram in as much fun as possible. We have been to the zoo twice in the last week and we visited the children's museum a couple of times.

I know that once Preston gets here we will be stuck in the house for awhile so we are trying to enjoy our time now. The plan has been for my doctor to induce us Friday, March 2nd but she told me Monday that if I do not make any progress by Monday (I have only been 1 cm) she will postpone the induction. :( Boo...I am so ready for our family to arrive and get here. We should know more on Monday. I have been trying to stay as active as possible to get the "ball rolling."

I haven't posted any pictures in awhile and this one is from Super Bowl weekend. Zionsville, our town, had a little festival and we took advantage of the carriage rides.

This is a picture of Parker's best friends here in Indiana. We went to Katie's house to celebrate her 3rd Birthday. They had a great time playing, a.k.a destroying the house. :)

This morning, Chad and I got to go and visit Parker's classroom at school. In the month of February, each child was asked to bring a person to share something with the class. One dad came and taught about baseball, one dad is a surgeon and he came and brought little doctor kits.. There have been some really cute things.

Today was our day and since I have NO talent, Chad was in charge. He did a "wood working" lesson. Chad loves to build and create things and he's GREAT at it. He brought a few tools and he let the kids take turns using a hammer to build a school bus. It was a kit from Lowe's that gives you all the pieces you need. REally cute and simple but I think that the kids really enjoyed it.
This is Makayela. Parker calls her "his best girl." I think he's got a little crush.

Daddy teaching about tools.

The last two pictures are just recent pictures from us being lazy around the house. Chad and Parker both look like they have been living in a homeless shelter. :)
This is what happens when I try to relax on the couch. I always end up with visitors. :) (But I don't mind.)

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Stephanie Trapp said...

So glad you're doing well! Hope you make some progress before Monday so you can meet that sweet baby soon!