Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow, Soccer, and More Snow!

Back in December, I signed Parker up for a program called Lil' Kickers. It starts at 18 months and it's an opportunity for the kids to run around, learn to participate on a team, and learn some basic soccer skills once a week.

The first week I had him registered for a mommy and me class and I just felt that he was a little bit too old for it. The other kids were much younger so I asked to change him to the more advanced class the next week. (Because he's just so advanced in his soccer skills!) JK!

The next week my dad was in town so he got to go with us and watch Parker! We just loved watching him run around and he seemed to be having a great time! Toward the end of the class they played a game about aliens which was basically just a game of tag. I could see in his eyes and face that he wasn't liking it and a few minutes later, I was right. The tears began. Poor thing! He was freaked out at the thought of "aliens" chasing him.

He was brave though and powered through and finished the class and seemed pretty happy when we left. We went to Alabama for two weeks for Christmas and came back and it had all changed. The next soccer class was awful. He cried and cried and refused to participate. I was puzzled but we didn't make him finish the class.

We went home and that weekend we "practiced" all of the games and assured him that they were just for fun. There were NO aliens really chasing him. We were confident walking in the next week but that immediately changed. He was crying before we even walked out on the field.

Chad and I made the decision to pull him out. I was so sad because I know that he would've really love it but his personality is so sensitive to certain things. thankfully, they gave me a partial refund since we didn't finish the term.

That's a side shot of Parker.

Isn't he cute in his little uniform! He said that he wanted to play soccer again with Edburd when we get an Alabama house. We'll see if he follows through with that. :)

We have had a couple of good snow days recently. Not huge amounts of snow but enough to make a mess. We have about 2 inches out there right now and we are expecting sleet and more snow tomorrow night.
Poor Baily hurt her paw in the snow. We think that the salt on the road burns her little feet. She only does this in the snow in the front yard. In the back she seems fine.

This is what my mom drove in to when she came on Friday last week! Welcome to Indiana!

This is the snow that fell today. It actually fell really fast and I slid off the road going to pick up Parker from school. I was able to continue driving thankfully so it was fine.

This Alabama girl is not used to driving in snow, but I"m learning!!

Happy Thursday from Indiana!

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Stephanie Trapp said...

Bless his little heart! That alien game would have scared mine, too! You would think they could come up with something besides aliens to say was chasing them.

Glad you're enjoying these "northern" winters! :) After 10 years here I'm still not used to them!