Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Pregnancy Update

I don't have an updated picture but I hit the 33 week mark today! Woo Hoo! I'm excited that it's finally feeling close but it's also scary that it's so close! Does that make sense?

I am thrilled to wrap my arms around my precious Preston but I am sad that it will no longer be our sweet, simple family of 3. Parker is finally coming around to the idea of a little brother, but the other night he made us laugh because he said...

Parker: "Mom, Preston can come out for a little bit but then he has to go back inside your tummy."

Me: "Why does he have to go back, Parker?"

Parker: "Because I don't want him to play with any of my toys!"

Oh me! I think that we have some work to do!

33 week update:
The nursery is complete. I'll take some pictures and post them soon. We have more clothes than we will ever need and that is such a blessing. I have a pump thanks to Melodie and another bouncy seat and swing thanks to Emily! Gotta love fantastic friends!

I have now gained 31 pounds. Ugh. My goal was to keep it around 25 pounds. I blame Christmas and Pintrest.

My blood pressure has stayed just about perfect which is a blessing since I had such trouble with the birth of Parker.

They have done some extra blood tests this week because my anitbody level was high at 30 weeks. They think it's from the rhogam shot that I got around 15 weeks but they aren't sure. Hopefully that's what it is because if not my blood is attacking Preston's blood and we would have to deliver quickly. We hope to know by Friday. I'm trying not to worry about it because I"m sure it's fine.

My due date is March 7th but Dr. Denman is going to induce me on March 2nd if he has not come before then!

I am so excited that he is almost here! Preston Allen Greenhaw, we love you so much already!

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