Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parker's 3rd Birthday Party

We decided to have Parker's birthday party a little early this year since we would be home the entire week of Thanksgiving. We had it at Monkey N Around again. Parker just loves to play there and it's easy. Just show up with some food and decorations and let the kids play!

He chose a Lightning McQueen theme for the party and he was so excited with the decorations and the cake!

My mom found a new friend, Ava!

This picture makes me laugh. It's the most unflattering picture.. That's what happens when you are huge and attempt to sit on the floor!

Happy 3rd birthday to the sweetest, funniest, smartest, and most precious little boy I know. God gave us the PERFECT gift in you!


Melodie said...

That picture cracks me up too. I know exactly what you mean. That cake was delicious too!

Stephanie Trapp said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I can't believe our boys are growing up so fast. He's a cutie!

The Penter Family said...

so fun! we have been to 2 birthday parties at that place...it's great! great job on the party!!

mark lawrence said...

He is so adorable! He reminds me of my nephew a lot. He also turned 3 last week. We celebrated his birthday in a very pretty event space nearby. We invited all his friends and our relatives to the celebration. I would love to get a car cake for him next time.