Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update..

I can't believe that I am nearing the half way point in this pregnancy. Time sure is flying by lately...

I hit the 17 week point today. I am finally feeling better and more like my "normal" self. I have had a much harder time with this pregnancy than I did with Parker. The best way to describe weeks 6-13 were YUCKY! I felt MUCH sicker this time and it lasted all day. With Parker, I was sick in the evening. The exhaustion was terrible this time too. Thankfully Parker still naps so I would just pile up in his bed with him and sleep every afternoon. I was also in alot more pain this time around. Tons of cramps and my lower back hurt all the time. I started bleeding around week 13 and it continued until week 15. It turns out that I have placenta previa. It's not serious but I do have to be monitored more closely. I have a very good chance of it correcting it's self before I deliver.

I go in again for my 20 week check up and they will do another ultrasound to check it out. I am feeling better already so I am thinking that maybe it's better.

We did find out at 15 weeks that we are having another boy. Parker is having a hard time accepting the fact that he will have a little brother. He had his heart set on a sister. He really just wants Julianna to move to Indiana and be his sister. (We have a little crush going on!)

He is finally coming around to the idea though. I know that he will love having a brother to play with.

We are so excited and blessed beyond belief. I still don't think that the reality of this baby has set in with me. Just four short years ago we were told that having a child through IVF was going to be a long, hard struggle and our chances of success were small and here we are now. God is truly a God of miracles. We were beginning to move on and we had already contacted an adoption agency in Indiana. God is daily reminding me that through Him ALL things are possible.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun with GeeBee and Pops

My mom and dad drove up on Saturday and we had a great visit. It was very low key and we hung around the house a good bit. It was nice and relaxing. Parker was in heaven because my parents will play anything he wants 24/7.

Our town's Fall Festival was this weekend and that included a parade on Saturday morning. This is Parker's "When is this parade going to start?" look. I thought it started at 10 but it was actually 11... Needless to say, we had a long wait for it to start.

Saturday night we headed down to the festival. Parker had a blast riding the rides.

Our next door neighbors, Eli and Owen, were there also so the boys had fun riding some rides together.
And of course, we came home with a Goldfish because that's just what we needed. :) Parker is in love with Goldie... Any bets on how long Goldie survives?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Camping Adventure

Technically, we didn't camp but we did "rough it" for a few days in the wilderness. We rented a tiny cabin at Yogi Bear's Park in Bloomington, Indiana which is about an hour and 15 minutes from our house. This camp ground was precious! So many cute activities for the kids. I didn't take a picture of the outside of the cabin (oops) but I did take two of the inside... You will see what I mean when I said small.

The "kitchen"

The beds

You could climb a ladder and there was a sleeping loft but Chad and Parker used it as a place to play cars. Parker loved the ladder more than anything.

The park had two pools and one of them was a kiddie pool with a few spray things.

Playing at the playground

Yogi Bear came by for a visit!

Chad trying to start a campfire. (A random kid showed up to help.) :)

We cooked hotdogs and then smores!

Up and down the ladder...

We went on a hike on a trail. It was really muddy but fun. Thankfully we stayed in a cabin because it POURED and stormed on Saturday night. I would've died if I was in a tent.

I almost didn't put this because I look soooo rough... Please forgive..
They had free arts and crafts so Parker painted a frog.

The finished product..

It also had a little putt putt golf course. We probably played it a million times..

They had a huge jumping pillow but Parker never did get on it. Too many big kids...

They had a "hay" ride through the campgrounds.
We left the campground Saturday evening and drove into Bloomington for dinner. Bloomington is where the Indiana University campus is located. The campus is beautiful. We ate at the most amazing wing place.

It was a fun weekend and we'd love to go again soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Year vs. This Year

I love to look at how much my baby has grown and changed in one year. The first picture is his first day of preschool at Early Arts last year. He looks so cute!! :)

This one is his first day this year, one year part. He is so much taller this year. I love this little guy so much!