Monday, August 8, 2011

Mimi and Poppi came to visit!

Chad's parents came to visit us this past weekend for the first time since our move to Indiana. They actually drove Parker up to us when we first moved into the house in May but they only stayed one night. We enjoyed showing them around our new home! We stayed busy and had fun.

Saturday afternoon and evening we went to the Indiana State Fair. I love going to the fair and we had a great time!

I worked at Chuck E. Cheese the summer I went on Beach Project in Panama City in college. I got lots of practice playing Skee Ball! It helped me because I won Parker a lion!

We bought tickets to go to the Monster Truck Show that evening. Parker didn't freak out but he really didn't love it like I thought he would. It was just so loud. He really enjoyed the dirt bike racers that did tricks during the breaks of the trucks.
This is how Parker felt about it!

Sunday morning we headed downtown to the zoo! We have been so many times and Parker still gets excited about going! (Obviously Chad got Parker dressed for the day!)

Next to the cheetah exhibit, the children can "race a cheetah." You pay 50 cents and the kids get to race. Parker loves it! Usually we forget to wear our "fast shoes" and we have on crocs. He always complains that he could run faster with his tennis shoes. Well, I didn't forget this time. He ran his little heart out! It's so cute!

We had a great weekend!

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