Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I joined a Zionsville Moms Group and this was in the newsletter. I thought that most of us could relate!

Dear God, I am not asking for much here, just five

kid-free minutes to myself. I'm not asking for a good

shower-the one where you shave your legs and pumice

your heels and slather your limbs with sea-salt-lemon-

mimosa foaming body scrub and exfoliate whetever

bits need exfoliating. nothing like that. Just five

minutes under a stream of hot water so I can shampoo

the ick out of my hair, slop on a little conditioner,

swipe my face with one of the baby's washcloths, and

just be. Please let there be peace while this happens-

please, no sibling fights, no screams from the crib, no

toddlers taking a header down the stairs, no phone

calls, or doorbells. I left everyone safe and happy,

please could they just stay that way until I'm done?

Then, I promise, I will emerge like Lazarus from the

tomb to be a patient and sweet tempered mom ready

to start her day- with shiny hair to boot. Thank you

Lord. Amen.


Stephanie Trapp said...

LOL! So true! :)

The Penter Family said...

That is great!!! Totally relating to this one!

Melodie said...

I love it Julie! I think I wrote that!!!

Katy said...

Gosh that would be awesome! Harper was IN the shower with me tonight :/

Wahaj Uddin Syed said...

Lolz hilarious..