Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life in Indiana

We have lived in Indiana for about two weeks now and I will admit that the transition has been easier than I anticipated... We are just so grateful to all be under the same roof, beginning our "new normal."

Before the move I was so worried about Parker having a hard time. Boy, was I wrong! He's taken everything like a champ. The first day he was here he asked to go back to his other house quite often but he never cried about it. He's asked about friends and family quite often as well but he seems fine when we offer the explanation that we are living in Indiana now and we can't seem them all the time.

Our new neighbors are wonderful. Everyone has stopped by, brought goodies, and just made us feel welcome. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't move to our street! EVERYONE has two or three kids and many are pregnant now! There are KIDS EVERYWHERE. (We are hoping that the "water" will bring us good luck here!) Parker is loving his new friends especially two boys that live next door. Owen is 3 and Eli is 1 and a half. He really likes playing with them and calls them his "new friends."

The first night we were here there were at least 10 kids running our front yard. Please stay outside all the time. My neighbor said that they have to hibernate 6 months of the year because it's sooo cold so when it gets warmed up, everyone moves outside and I totally believe her! The houses are very close together so everyone just plays in everyone's yard.. There are sidewalks so it makes riding bikes, running, and walking Bailey very safe. The playground and swimming pool are right up the street which is so nice. Parker is loving going to the park everyday!

Parker is doing well with the transition to his "big boy bed." He cries off and on but mostly he'll go on to sleep after we read a few books. He seems to challenge me more in the afternoon for nap than he does at night. I've had to give a few "pankins" for him getting out when he didn't want to nap, but for the most part, he's done well.

We are heading back to Alabama on Saturday. Saturday is also Chad's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Chaddy!

We are staying in Athens through Monday morning. I have to take Chad to the airport on Monday because he has a business trip for the week. Parker and I are going to head to Florence after we leave the airport. We will stay in Florence through Thursday. Chad is flying back in on Thursday afternoon. We will probably spend the night in Athens and then head back to FLorence on Friday for the long weekend. Chad is driving back to Indiana on Monday but Parker and I are going to stay a few more days with my parents. We are driving back up that Friday morning. Mom and dad are going to stay through the next Wednesday. We are excited about seeing everyone (even though it's only been two weeks!)

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Stephanie Trapp said...

I'm so glad the transition has gone so smoothly! It sounds like you have a wonderful neighborhood and I definitely agree about the hibernating part! The winters here are no fun so when spring arrives we live outside! :)