Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On a Wednesday....

This is what my house looks like on a Wednesday...

(I got this idea from a friend named Stephanie. We went to high school together and now she lives in Kentucky. We will be around 2 hours apart when we move to Indiana. Check out her blog

In my dining room (this is what happens when you are cleaning out before a move)

On my kitchen island...

On my kitchen floor.. two stray wieners... :)

In my laundry room... ( I hope that I am not the only one who lets our laundry room become a "dumping ground" for everything.)

At my backdoor....

In my den...

In my hallway.... (at any moment in my house you can find a random sock.)

My bathroom counter....

In my bedroom...(oops, didn't make my bed today) :)

On my nightstand...

On my bedroom floor... (told you.. it's another random sock.)

This is what my life looks like on a random Wednesday. But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Trip to Indiana

(Sorry, boring post with no pictures.)

After a long, stressful December month of praying (and let's be truthful, worrying) Chad and I decided that he should apply and interview for an opening in Indianapolis, Indiana effective in February. It's a great opportunity for his career and it is a job that is very appealing to Chad. (don't ask me to explain the job.. not even sure myself... :) but it's something that he's excited about.) It will let him bring out his inner dork and work with numbers all day.

The interview was Monday so we packed up the ole family mini van and headed north on Saturday. The drive up was great thanks to the portable DVD player that my mom and dad purchased for us for Christmas. Parker loved watching "monies" during the trip. He looked like a little DJ back there with his orange headphones.

The drive is pretty easy. You simply take 65 north until you get to Indianapolis. It took us about 6 1/2 hours. We arrived at our hotel and had to quickly change clothes and get cleaned up. A guy that Chad would possibly work with if he gets the new job, invited us over to his house for dinner. He and his wife Kelly, have a beautiful home. Their two kids were really sweet and Parker enjoyed playing with them, however; he was very clingy to me. I think that he was just nervous.... Let's be honest.. I was also nervous. Going into someone's home that you do not know can be scary, especially with a child who is known to throw fits during dinner because he won't eat....

But we survived and had a nice time. We were pretty tired after dinner and just headed back to the hotel. Sunday we spent the day in the car again driving around north of the city exploring neighborhoods. Most Lily employees live North of the city so we had to check it out. It really is a very nice area. We met with another Lily employee at Starbucks and she gave us some great tips about the area.. Super nice of her to do that on a Sunday afternoon.

Monday was the big day. Chad was nervous but tried not to show it. He headed off to the interview pretty early. He had 3 meetings with 3 different people at 9, 10, and 11. The interview with Jim, the hiring manager was at 12:30. Parker and I headed to the mall during this time to shop, well. I wish.. Parker isn't one much for shopping anymore. The only purchases made were to Chick Fil A and the candy store for a big bag of sour patch kids.... Sugar helps me deal with stress, ok?? don't judge.

We headed back to the hotel to wait for Chad and I decided to give Parker a bath. (We skipped the night before.) He slipped and poor thing, busted his chin on the side of the tub. Blood everywhere... Thankfully all was well after a few marshmallows...

Chad felt great about the meetings and the interview and I couldn't be MORE PROUD OF HIM! Jim, the manager, felt like we should leave town early. We were scheduled to leave Tuesday morning but a big snow storm was hitting the area that night so we repacked our bags (I didn't mention earlier but we had to change hotels the first two night, ugh.. very annoying) and headed out. Of course, FB was blowing up with pictures and posts about the beautiful snow at home. We were worried about the roads.

We drove to a town north of Nashville and decided to stop. It was dark at that point and we decided not to take any chances...We stopped. Ate some grub and found a hotel, just in time to yell WAR EAGLE!!! I was ready to be home but we felt we made the best decision to stop. We got a room with two beds and I slept in one and Chad and Parker slept in the other...

At 3:45 AM I sit STRAIGHT up in bed when I hear a loud thump, immediately followed by screams. Parker had rolled all the way down tot he foot of the bed and rolled onto the floor. Poor thing! He was SCREAMING.. I think that it scared him to death... I didn't go back to sleep for at least an hour because my heart was racing so fast... Poor thing.. He had had a rough day.

We left town at 9 am to head for home, FINALLY. We stopped by Chad's parents house in Athens to say hello quickly and get back on the road... We were in Clements and Chad said... "Oh no, we are losing air in my right tire."Great, just great. It's FREEZING outside and we have a flat.... ON a brand new tire...

We sit on the side of the road for about an hour.. (We did have some quick company from Jim Manchester though:) My mom drove from Florence to get me and Parker and Chad went with the tow truck, or Mater as Parker would say... After we complained for awhile we realized how blessed we were that it didn't happen on the interstate in Indiana. That would've bee awful.

Thankfully, we made it home to the winter wonderland everyone was talking about. It's beautiful.

We are waiting to hear a response from Jim, the hiring manager. Hopefully soon. If he gets the job, he will begin sometime in February. Parker and I are going to stay back and take care of the house.. We will put it on the market soon after. If he is hired, he will try to compute back and forth when possible.

Prayers for our family are welcome. :) It's a big transition but we trust and know that God will lead us in the direction that is best for our family.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Highlights

I know that everyone says it, but the years are just flying by. I can't believe that 2010 is over and 2011 has begun. I wanted to take a moment (and a million pictures) to remember some of the highlights of the year. We live such a blessed life and we are so thankful to God for our home and family.

Highlight #10: The WATER!
Parker loved the water this summer and he is already dying for the pool to open again. We spent so much time at the Forest Hills swimming pool. The baby pool was his favorite. He could sit and play with his water toys all day.

We also spent some "redneck" time this summer in the front yard with the water hose. He LOVED "watering the plants." He often watered the dog, me, and the house, but hey, it was hot and I was ok with it!
The splash pad was also lots of fun. We had fun meeting friends and playing in the water. (Notice Callan in the back.)

Highlight #9:
Going to the beach with my parents
My parents were SUPER sweet to work out a last minute beach trip to Gulf Shores this summer. It was during the DREADED 10 day wait.. You have to wait 10 days after the embryo transfer to find out if you are pregnant... Those 10 days can be dreadfully long so my parents invited us to pack up and head to the beach! We had tons of fun!

Highlight #8:
Chad, Parker, and I also got to head to the beach this summer. Chad had to work 3 days this summer in Destin so he begged me to come with him... I was reluctant but gave in ....
I was THRILLED!! This girl LOVES a beach trip. I was pumped to find out that we could go. Poor Chad had to work but Parker and I had fun. I ended up with a stomach bug while we were there but we still had a good time.

Highlight #7:
We were thrilled to head to Vegas to witness a beautiful wedding. Chad's brother, Kevin, got married!! He and Elizabeth are the sweetest couple! We loved getting to see the sights and experiencing all Vegas has to offer.. We'd love to go again!

Highlight #6:
Parker started preschool.
Not sure if this is a highlight because it means my baby is growing up! :)
He goes to Early Arts 2 days a week and he loves school. He has made so many friends but he has really developed a close bond with "Edburd." They are so sweet together!

Highlight #5:
Parker turned 2!
His birthday party was at the jumpy house, or as most would call it, Monkey N Around. Parker loves that place and had a blast at his party. We stuck with family and had a wonderful turn out. He is one lucky kid to be so loved by everyone.

Highlight #4:
A 2 year old at Christmas is so much fun! He was thrilled to see what Santa brought him Christmas morning. It already makes me excited about next year.... He got so many toys but his favorite would be the train that he can ride on the tracks. (I'll post pics of that later.) The snow made it extra specials, although Parker wasn't too thrilled with all of the clothes that I made his wear.. Poor kid.. We really don't own the proper snow gear...

Highlight #3:
Chad FINALLY became an Alabama season ticket holder... I do believe that I actually saw tears in his eyes when the tickets arrived in the mail. I will also use this time to brag on my hubby.. He finished the year as the #1 sales rep for his area.. which is 8,
yep, I said it,
8 states..
He rocks!

Highlight #2
We did our embryo transfer on August 3rd and we found out 10 days later that we were pregnant!!!!
We were so surprised and excited... We just couldn't believe how "easy" it was...

However, it changed...I was one day shy of 11 weeks when Dr. allen told me the dreaded news... My sweet miracle baby no longer had a heart beat... We were blindsided.. Not expecting this at all, but who does? Even in sadness, this is a highlight because we received so much LOVE and support from our friends and family...

Highlight #1:
I completed a half marathon...
Well, not really...
I always wanted to run a half marathon by 30... December 18th I realized that I only had 2 days left so me and my trusty Garmin headed out for a lovely run...
Ok, who am I kidding?? I was really hard and there was nothing lovely about it...
But I DID IT!!! Emily Mann and I plan to make it official in February when we run the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham...

And the one highlight that is above all others!!!
I got to be a STAY AT HOME MOMMY in 2010!! This is something that I have always envisioned for my life... Being a working mom is very difficult and if you have never worked outside of the home, you just don't understand... I consider myself lucky to be able to stay home and focus on my family. I know that this life is not for everyone and I will not stay home forever.. But right now, my life is exactly how I want it to be!!! What a blessing!

I am so thankful to God for blessing me with an amazing husband, child, and family. 2010 was amazing and I can't wait to see what is in store for 2011.. My 2011 goals will be posted soon!