Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parker's Birthday Month

We have had lots of fun these past few weeks playing with friends, going to school, and playing in our pj's at home. We have been getting ready for Parker's 2nd birthday party. I know that every mom says this but I CAN NOT believe that he will be 2 tomorrow. Wow, how times flies...

We have visited Monkey N Around quite a few times and Parker loves to go to the "jumpy house" as he calls it. We are actually having his party there tomorrow night. The picture above is Parker playing and the one below is his new buddy, Edward, or "Edburd" as Parker calls him.

We spent Wednesday making cupcakes to send to school today for Parker's birthday. Of course, we had to taste test the icing and an entire cupcake to make sure they were ok!

Parker said they were perfect! :)

As I said before, I sent cupcakes to school today. I didn't come in when they had snack because as a teacher, I know how annoying that can be... I was afraid that it would get the kids all wound up so I just sent them when I dropped him off. Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Kelly are awesome teachers and they took some pictures with my camera for me!
(sorry this one is posted twice and I can't seem to delete it.)
Notice his Blues Clues shirt. We are having a Blues Clues party tomorrow night!

What a blessing these past two years have been! We love you, Parker! Happy Birthday!


Melodie said...

You are so right! It goes so fast. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest little cutie pies we know. We love Parker!

Julie Young said...

Happy Birthday Parker!! Love the blues clues shirt!

The Penter Family said...

My niece lies in Florence and she had her 3rd and 4th parties at Monky-n-Around. They were fun! Hope Parker has a good birthday!

Nina Chandler said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!!