Monday, December 20, 2010

More cookie fun...

I feel like all I have posted about lately is cookies... Oh well.... My hips will prove that's about all we've done lately is decorate and eat cookies. :)

We had a "few" :) friends over to help! Here are the kiddos enjoying their picnic lunch!
Here is a picture of the reindeer cookies that we were making, however most ended up with tons of m and m's and a giant pile of sprinkles... Callan won the award for the neatest cookies creation! :)

Sweet Marah

Melodie and Callan

Edward.. This picture made me laugh! He looks so funny with that blue in his mouth...


William is working so hard. He's such a sweetie!

Even sweet baby Ava joined in on the fun! Next year she'll be in the middle of all of the action!

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Julie Young said...

I hate we had to miss the fun! Makes me sad! Maybe next year!