Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (Warning: Lots of pictures!)
We have successfully completed three family Christmas celebrations with two more to go. One more in Athens tonight and then one at my parents house tomorrow!

Our Family

My mom, Aunt Shea Shea, and Me

Craig and Shea with Addie

Parker and Daddy

Craig with his new Christmas gifts from mom and dad.

oops.. put this one twice...

Pops and Parker

Uncle Kevin, Chad, and Parker

What's in this big bag???

Parker FINALLY got his very own basketball goal! He was thrilled!!

The calm before the storm... :) Santa came and brought lots of goodies!

That sweet Christmas morning smile. He didn't wake up until 8:15. He never sleeps that late but he was worn out. He didn't have a nap the day before.

Running down the hall to see what Santa brought!

Santa brought a train!!

Santa even sent snow too!!

Parker's "new" car! Santa bought it and a the train from a friend and got two great deals! :) Santa is thrifty!

Too bad this jeep doesn't come with snow tires! :)
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to our sweet Saviour, Jesus Christ!

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Ashley said...

You have got to appreciate a thrifty Santa! Great pictures!