Monday, December 6, 2010

December Fun

We spent all day Saturday recovering from the birthday party Friday night. Parker was up until almost 10 pm after the party so needless to say, he was worn out on Saturday. He slept until 8:30, which he NEVER does. We had a quiet day at home with his new toys while daddy was working at the Toy and Coat Giveaway at church.

Parker's Mimi got him a tent and tunnel and he loves it. He put his blowup Lightening McQueen chair inside...

Parker in his new Christmas pj's that Aunt Shea gave him for his birthday! They are so cute! We have both been in our pj's all day today! Just too cold to get out!

I took a million pictures this morning and I couldn't get Parker to smile so I said, "I'll give you some marshmallows if you smile for me!" and this is what I got! That kid will do anything for marshmallows!

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