Friday, December 3, 2010

Blues Clues Blow Out!

I'm exhausted from all of the party fun so this will be brief... The party was tonight and Parker had a blast! We were blessed to have so many family members come and celebrate Parker's 2nd birthday with us.

Our cute Blues Clues cake-Parker loved it!

The food table before the pizza arrived.

Daddy had time for fun too!!

We sure do love Aunt Shea Shea!

Pipi, Nana, Grandaddy, and Corey who apparently didn't want his picture taken... :)

The kid table.

Happy Birthday, Parker!


Stephanie Trapp said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Julie, he's such a doll!

Julie Young said...

Love the Blue's Clues!! Good idea Jules!

The Bordens said...

Happy 2nd birthday Parker, is that Domino's Pizza I see:) Hope it was really good:)