Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watch out Blues Traveler..

Do ya'll remember that guy from Blues Traveler that played the harmonica? That's the only harmonica person I could think of for this post. :) Anyway, Chad gave Parker a harmonica that he found in a drawer the other night. It was so cute! He just played and played.

We went to the Homecoming Parade Friday and we stood with Callan and Lizzie. Parker seemed to like the parade but he pretty much didn't care about it once he got a sucker. That child of mine. He loves some sweets.

Aunt Shea Shea, Uncle Craig, and Parker


The Penter Family said...

Colton and Parker have so much in common. I wish we lived closer so they could play together! Colton also shares Parker's love of harmonicas and suckers! Ha!

Julie Greenhaw said...

I know! They would have lots of fun together. I think that often when I read your blog.