Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treating Fun

Our original plan for Halloween was for Parker to be an elephant, Chad to be Nick Saban, and I was going to be an Auburn Tiger... Well, Parker had other plans. He REFUSED to wear the elephant... some say that he is an Auburn fan deep down and hated the idea of being an elephant... mommy can hope so anyway..

So we returned the elephant and decided to be a firefighter. He had a raincoat that could pass for a costume so we got a hat and I made the ax out of toilet paper rolls and a pizza box.... Chad, of course, is a fireman too and I am a dalmation...

My friend Katy suggested that I should've been fire... I wish that I had thought of that to begin with... Oh well.... We are a fire fighting family this year!

Visiting Pops and Gee Bee

Trick or Treating and Uncle Craig's and Aunt Shea Shea's

We went to Aunt Debbie's house to see my cousin Mark's little girl, Addison... We just adore that little bit... I get to babysit every once in a while She is just a doll. She will be 1 on Thanksgiving day... We just had to get some pictures of the two of them.

Happy Halloween!

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