Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday..

1. I am sitting in my chair right now waiting on Barnett and Brown to deliver our new bedroom furniture! We are putting our old set in the extra bedroom that has been empty for months. We now have two guest bedrooms so someone come and stay with us! :) We have had so many little projects are the house and we are slowly getting to each of them.

2. Getting "my run" back has been harder than I thought it would be. Taking two months off can make you lazy really quick! I have been able to run for 3 miles now but it's not pretty and I am having to stop a few times and catch my breath.

3. Parker ran a fever over the weekend and it lasted through Tuesday. I took him in to the doctor and Dr. Hamilton said that is left ear was infected. YUCK! He didn't run a fever yesterday or this morning so I sent him to school. He FREAKED out. We was not wanting to go at all! I hate days like that because it makes you feel awful. Hopefully he was ok once he got into his classroom though. Now I am going to sit and worry until I go pick him up at 12:45. Boo...


Julie Young said...

Let's see pictures of the furniture!

Julie Greenhaw said...

I'll put some on in a bit. It took them forever to put the bed together. We still don't have a mattress so it looks bare.