Friday, September 10, 2010

WARNING: You will be jealous!

I must start out by saying, "My husband is amazing!" I have always known this but yesterday I was really reminded...

Parker and I were playing in the backyard yesterday when Chad got home from work. He walked up with the cutest little grin on his face when he handed me a ring box. I looked at him strange because I knew that he was stopping by Jamie Hood for me to pick up my rings because they were beyond gross and needed a good cleaning... :) I thought it was odd for Jamie Hood to return my rings in a new ring box.

Chad just smiled and said, "Open it." Holy cow, did I open it. Inside was a beautiful black and white diamond ring. (I tried to take a picture but none of them did the ring justice.) It's three small bands that loop around each other. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!

Of course, being the Debbie Downer that I am, immediately asked how much he spent... He said not to worry. He got his bonus yesterday and used part of the money to buy me the ring! How sweet! I know that there are so many things that he would love to buy himself but instead he bought me the ring.

Presents on your birthday and Christmas are nice, but there is nothing better than a present "for no reason."

However, I wish that the story ended here... but it does not....

The ring needed to be sized because it was WAY to big but of course I still had to put it on my finger. About the time I am drooling over it, our sweet neighbor stuck his head over the fence and told Chad to come over and get some okra.. While Chad walked off, I decided to clean up the yard and put Parker's outside toys away. I am walking around putting up toys and I look down and notice....

HOLY $%&*!!

The brand new, beautiful ring was gone!!!

I immediately start sobbing. Chad is still next door and I am literally crawling through the grass trying to find it. I am absolutely FREAKING OUT at this point. About five minutes later, Chad returns and I am crying so hard at this point he looks terrified. He couldn't even be mad at me. We retrace my steps and THANKFULLY after what seems like an eternity, Chad steps on the ring so he found it! I have NEVER been so upset in my life!!

All I kept thinking was, "Chad is NEVER going to buy me any jewelry again!" Some of you may remember that my original wedding band and engagement ring were left by the sink (by me I'm afraid ) and my cat knocked them down the kitchen sink.. Unfortunately, the dish disposal was then turned on and i think that you can figure out what happened next. :(

I am so blessed to have such a loving husband because he really did not get angry with me at all. I am sure that on the inside he was wanting to yell at me but I think that he fell so sorry for me because I was crying so much.

Thanks Chad!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Julie Young said...

Oh wow! I want to see a picture! That is just too sweet.

Nina Long said...

That is awesome!!!!!

Melodie said...

How sweet! You're right about the no reason presents. My sweet husband bought me cupcakes today. Not a ring but it sure did make me happy! So funny and so scary about losing it. Glad everything turned out ok!

The Penter Family said...

What a sweet surprise! Glad you found that ring... It would have been terrible if you lost it.