Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free beach trip? Why yes, thank you!

Chad and I were blessed with an AMAZING Summer and we were so lucky to get to go back to the beach last week. My parent's have precious neighbors that offered us their condo in Gulf Shores for FREE. My mom called and asked if we wanted to go and of course my answer was...

So we packed up the car, again, and drove to the beach. Parker was in hog heaven because he had Gee and Pops there with him 24/7.

Parker's favorite food is "Biscuits" which is really rolls and bread so he LOVED Lambert's.

The next two pictures are of Parker with his Uncle Craig. Before Craig sold his four wheeler, he brought it over for Parker to see and ride. They just went up and down the driveway but I was a nervous wreck. I had visions of Parker just flying off.... But of course, he was fine and he LOVED the ride!

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Nina Long said...

precious pictures!!! Bring him back up here I really think he liked me!! lol : )