Monday, August 30, 2010

August Recap...

August has been a busy month filled with doctors appointments. We began the journey on August 3rd with our embryo transfer. Our intention was to transfer two embryos but one did not survive so we "placed" one in the oven and hoped and prayed for the best.

Next begins the 10 day wait... It can be horrible... But thankfully my parents worked out a beach trip at the last minute so we got to head down to the coast again. It was wonderful because it made the wait go by a little faster.

Of course we were THRILLED to get the call that we were PREGNANT!! We really prayed that it would work this time because our insurance company was really being difficult and they were refusing to pay anything! YUCK!

We did have a scare on Saturday. We got up that morning excited because we were taking Parker to Point Mallard. He was thrilled and we were too. I loved that place as a kid!
We were having fun, just finished lunch and we were heading to the pool. Parker and Chad were already in the pool and I began having some pretty strong pains. They didn't go away so I decided to head to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, I knew that it was bad pretty quickly because there was alot of blood.

I rushed back to the pool, tried not to freak out, and we left as soon as we could. We decided to head to the Decatur ER because I was in so much pain. I didn't want to go back to Florence. LONG story short, we were there from 1-8:30!! Such a long day. They did an ultrasound and determined that we still had a strong heartbeat! Thank the Lord. The bleeding eventually stopped!!

A few pictures from August:
My mom and dad got Parker a "fourweeder" the other day and Parker loves it!!

Parker and Luke
I am sad to say that Chad might say this was the happiest day of his life!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This kid cracks me up...

Of course, everyone thinks that their child is perfect, adorable, and just down right funny. Well, I am no different. I feel like we are laughing at Parker all the time. He has so many words that he says that we just think are so cute and I am terribly afraid that I am going to forget them. So what is a mom to do? Write a blog entry about it... :)

Funny little quotes by Parker at 20 months old:
Parker do dit. (Parker do it.)
Shange me. (change my diaper)
Moose (move out of the way)
mike (bicycle)
cuck (truck)

Parker's obsessions:
Biscuits (any form of bread is a biscuit to Parker)

Blue juice (it's actually Mondo juice..he's obsessed thanks to my mom :)

Blue's Clues - It is his VERY favorite show. It's the only one that will really keep his attention.

Cars-He will sit and play with Hotwheels on the floor forever. He loves them.

His Uncle Craig, Aunt Shea Shea and Gee and Pops, and Mimi and Popi -He adores them all.

Family members cars- He knows what everyone's cars look like and when we see one out on the road, he will scream that persons name.

BULLDOZERS: He loves to watch bulldozer videos on YouTube. We are going to do a bulldozer/construction theme birthday for him in December.

Firetrucks: He also watches videos about firetrucks.

The show WipeOut: He loves laughing at the people when they fall in the water.

**Parker is at such a fun age right now. We are just so blessed to have him in our lives and we are even more blessed to have another one on the way. Hopefully Parker will handle the change ok. He's going to have to step down off his "throne." :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Latest Pictures

If you are looking for someone to take pictures of your child, I have the perfect person. Her name is Shanda Barnett and she is my sister in law's twin sister. You can visit her website at She is also on facebook.

She did a session with Parker a few weeks ago and she just put the proofs up. I think that they are amazing. (But doesn't every mom think that pictures of their children are great?)

Go to her website and click on client galleries. The password is parker.

I love them. Now the hard part. Which ones do I order?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free beach trip? Why yes, thank you!

Chad and I were blessed with an AMAZING Summer and we were so lucky to get to go back to the beach last week. My parent's have precious neighbors that offered us their condo in Gulf Shores for FREE. My mom called and asked if we wanted to go and of course my answer was...

So we packed up the car, again, and drove to the beach. Parker was in hog heaven because he had Gee and Pops there with him 24/7.

Parker's favorite food is "Biscuits" which is really rolls and bread so he LOVED Lambert's.

The next two pictures are of Parker with his Uncle Craig. Before Craig sold his four wheeler, he brought it over for Parker to see and ride. They just went up and down the driveway but I was a nervous wreck. I had visions of Parker just flying off.... But of course, he was fine and he LOVED the ride!