Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a great summer we've had so far. I can't believe that it's already July. My principal sent out an email today saying that the floors are done on my hall so we can get back in our classrooms. Normally, I would start feeling the urge to get in my classroom about right now. BUT, this year, that's not the case! I will go up there some though to help Shea.... (My sister in law is transferring from Weeden to my classroom while I'm gone!)

Here are some fun pictures from the summer!

Frost Bite was a must before the fireworks! Notice how excited Parker was to have his picture made.

Parker and his best buddy, Max.

4th of July celebration at Chad's Aunt Kathy's house. "The kids table" Parker literally one at one potato chip.... Ahhh...the joys of picky eaters....

Hmmm... Let me think about what I can get into next....

We have loved the cooler weather these past few evenings. We took Parker up to the great new playground at our church. He loves the slide.

More fun on the slide.

I was so lucky to get to babysit sweet Addison last week. My cousin Mark and his sweet wife, Leah have a PRECIOUS little girl named Addison. We are just in LOVE with her. We got to babysit for the day and I must say that it wasn't as hard as I thought. (But I must admit that my mom was there for part of the day so I guess that it wasn't a true test...) Parker did great. He wasnt' jealous of me holding Addison at all but it was another story when my mom or Parker's "Gee" held her. He did not like it at all. He put his hand on Addison and said "moose." That is his word for move. Parker adores his Gee.

A wagon ride was a must that morning!

Fun at Miami Ice... Parker is a nasty mess but he had fun!

Parker and "Anna" He ADORES her!!

Fun with the water hose. I must say the kid is such a little redneck. He loves to be outside "neck neck" (no clothes) and squirting things with the water hose.

Gotta water the flowers!

He is also obsessed with bubbles. My mom bought him a bubble blower and it blows lots and lots of bubbles... He loves it. You can't really see his excitement in this picture but he loves them!


Melodie said...

Love looking at the pictures. He looks adorable in his diaper, hat backwards, carrying the watering can!

Nina Chandler said...

sweet pictures!! Looks like you guys are having so much fun this summer! Gonna miss you at school though!!!!!