Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's ok to admit defeat....

I am at school, the kids are in music..I do have one million things that I need to be doing but my mind has already moved on to Spring Break....(I'm sure that I'm not the only one!)

It's official. I have finally made the decision to drop out of the half marathon. I went through different stages of feelings about the situation. First, I was really embarassed to admit defeat. I have told so many people that I was training for the race and to have to go back and say I quit, is hard! No one likes to set a goal and fail.

Also, I am just sad. I had pictured myself running across that finish line to receive my medal so many times. I can truly say that I gave it the best effort I could. I think that this is a good life lesson for me though. Many times in my life, I take on more than I can handle. My days begin and end in a mad dash. School is great, but exhausting. I pick up Parker at 3:30 and begin the next leg of my wild day. I then attempt to cook (or reheat) dinner...Not to mention chores, laundry, errands, etc...After all then, then I have to run 5 miles...?????

I was doing great. I trained hard and ran the Huff and Puff 15K with a pretty good time. Since then I got really sick and missed a week of running. We have had so many busy weekends lately and now Chad is coaching Upward soccer so that keeps me from runningon MOnday night and Saturday mornings.

I have come to the point to admit that I just couldn't do it. I could not handle all of the responsibilities and that is OK! I will try again but I will admit that I am looking forward to going for a run, just to run. I was very stressed about training properly. I did not want to go and spend all that money on an overpriced hotel and not do well. I will go back to running just to run. My goal this summer is to consistenly run three miles a day, maybe four.

I'm sad to say that the "training" is officially over but I feel that we often put too much pressure on ourselves to be "perfect" and accomplish too many things. I do feel though that I have met a goal though because a year ago I couldn't run down the driveway and now I am able to run, actually breathe, and enjoy it!


The Chandler Babies said...

that is so much to take on with the job you have and a baby boy! Like I have told you many many times I look up to you so much for even trying! I still think you are great!!! ;)
PS As you could tell by me staying in your room for 30 min that I am already on Spring Break too!! haha. It was good catching up with you though!!

Katy said...

I am just so proud of you for what you have done! A 15K? Wow. Be content in what you're doing for a while. You deserve it.

Bowerman Blessed said...

You accomplished a lot! You have nothing to be ashamed of. I look up to you as well for doing what you have already done. There will be more time in the future if you decide to try again. Maybe by then, I will be motivated enough to do it.

Melodie said...

Julie, I'm so proud of you! I am totally not a runner so I really admire anyone that can run and to want to run 3 miles a day makes me hurt inside. You've done so good and no one is ever going to think you are a quitter! You're awesome at everything you do!

Julie Young said...

You are awesome for running period! Don't be thinking you are a quitter.

"The Activist" said...

What? Are you kidding? You're not gonna do it??

Nah - you know I'm just joking! I think you are so wise to admit that sometimes we take too much on. Of course I think you're awesome for even setting a goal, much less working hard for over a year to meet it. And your time in the Huffity Puff shows that you did just that. As women, we need to learn that sometimes admitting defeat is really as successful or more successful for the peace it brings. You will set another goal, and you will meet it. And maybe this time next year, we can run together. Wouldn't that be a trip! Love ya! Good job running ma'am!