Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggs, Eggs, everywhere!

I don't really have time to write right now so I am not sure what I am thinking. I am at school and the kids are in PE. We are about to hide around 240 Easter eggs for my class egg hunt...Whew....Imagine...19 kindergarteners running around like CRAZY!! Thankfully I planned the hunt at the end of the day so I can send them home when they are wild and crazy.

Tonight is Parker's first Easter egg hunt. I know that I always get weepy about this kind of stuff but I am so excited about it. Each milestone I am just so thankful that God answered our prayers and gave us this sweet, precious child to share life with. I can't wait to watch him hold his little basket and run! We've been "practicing" and he kinda gets the idea....

Can't wait! I'll post pictures after the hunt tonight....(if I survive the class hunt first!)

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