Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Parker is saying new words everyday. Chad and I are just amazed and we just smile because he says something new every day.

ALL he wants to do is go outside...He goes to the door and says "Ass, Ass Ass.." Yes, my child says ass for outside...We can't help but laugh, but I know that's terrible. We always correct him but he's just not getting it yet. Mrs. Jackie says that he goes to her door and says "Ass" all day! My Parker is going to teach the other kids their first curse word!

He is refusing to eat again. It's so stressful when your child won't eat. He hasn't eaten anything for Mrs. Jackie the past few days. He came down with a fever virus on Thursday last week and he didn't feel well all weekend. I thought maybe that was the reason for not eating but now that he's better, he is still refusing. He is getting quite a few top teeth right now so that may be the culprit. I just want my baby to eat!

Chad is coaching Upward soccer this season so we are gearing up for some busy Saturdays. The games are starting this weekend. I am proud of Chad for doing it because he is so busy with work now. He's such an amazing guy!

Speaking of AMAZING, he is ranked #5 in the country according to his dashboard numbers for the past quarter. I am so proud of him! He has really been working long hours (which I don't always love) but I am proud of him!!!


Melodie said...

Okay, that part about Parker saying outside is hilarious! I can only imagine laughing everytime I heard that. High five to Chad! That is big stuff! So proud of him! We'll see you on the soccer field because Will is coaching too. I just hope it is pretty so we can come and bring the kids!

Stephanie Trapp said...

What a coincidence! Talmage came down with a fever virus on Thursday, too, and ran a fever until Sunday. That was his only symptom and he acted totally fine. He's also refusing to eat, too! Things he once loved he won't even touch. Hopefully they'll grow out of it soon!

Parker is absolutely precious! :)

Katy said...

Julie--that is hilarious. I knew Parker would be an ass-man. :)
Harper says something vulgar when she says "sock" and I can't help but laugh.

The Chandler Babies said...

Hilarious Julie!!! That is what I will think about everytime I hear that word!! hehe!!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Yes, Melodie. We are planning on being on the field Sat. What age level is Will coaching? Chad is coaching at 11 but I am going to try to get there at 10 because a few of the kids in my class are playing! Hopefully it'll be pretty "ass." :)

Sintya said...

Hi Julie, that is so great your husband is giving his time to invest in other kids'lives through volunteering with Upward Sports. I'm one of them also :) Please share with us any pictures and stories you might have (
Thank you!