Sunday, March 14, 2010

Latest Happenings

It's been awhile since I have updated...I life like life has been pulling me in so many different directions lately. Chad is working later hours, my job is crazy, and life with a 15 month old is bonkers! We just zip through each day.

Parker turned 15 months old on March 3rd. He is learning and growing so much right now. New words are popping out of his mouth every day. He's getting pretty good at identifying his body parts. He can say the word and point to his nose, belly, belly button, knee, elbow, and of course, his winkie! (I think you can figure out what that is.) :) He also loves to pull up mommy's shirt and show her belly button. I am trying to tell him that NO ONE wants to see mommy's flabby, white belly. :)

He's doing great at Mrs. Jackie's house. He is really developing friendships with the other three children, Kate, Maymie, and Easton. It's really cute!

His new favorite show is Blue's Clues. He will actually sit in our lap and watch an entire episode. It's really cute because NOTHING has interested him enough for him to sit still until now.

I have still been running as much as I can. The time change will be a big help because I will have more time to get my run in before it gets too dark. I worked really hard and trained for the 15K race yesterday called Huff and Puff on the Bluff. It's 9.3 miles long. It's so amazing because last year this time I couldn't run a half a mile. The Lord has really helped me stay focused on my goal. I was sooooo nervous yesterday before the race. My fear was not being able to finish or ever worse, being DEAD last. But thankfully, I finished with my goal time at that. My finishing time was 1:31 and 59 seconds. (so basically one hour and 32 minutes.) Sweet Chad Parker the car at mile 3 and he, parker and my dad were there to cheer me on. I didn't think I would see him again until the end but he snuck to the mile 6 mark and waited for me there. Parker was yelling hey to everyone as they ran by! It was precious and it gave me the boost of energy that I needed.

I haven't put pictures up lately so here are some recent pics! The start with the most recent and some go back to January.

Having fun at the park
Happy Birthday, Max! Parker is obsessed with Max. He walks around the house saying, "Max, Max, Max" over and over.
Parker got his first haircut by Miss Lori.
Daddy went to Orlando for a business trip and we missed him terribly! But of course, daddy came home with gifts. Micky Mouse ears and Goofy!
Gotta love a jelly biscuit!
every man needs a nice scarf..

Mommy and Parker
Parker loves to pull things out of the bathroom cabinets...Mommy doesn't love it so much.
Parker is LOVING books right now.
What do you do when the economy is bad.....Save your money on toys. A milk jug provides hours of fun! :))

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Melodie said...

Julie, how fun! I loved the new pics and I'm SOOOOO proud of you and your running. I can't imagine running 1 mile much less 9.3. You are my hero! Congrats! You look AMAZING!!