Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just call me Debbie Downer....

I have been so frustrated in the progress of my training for the half marathon. I feel as though I have just hit a wall and I am going backwards....Two weeks ago today and ran and completed the Huff and Puff run in Sheffield and it was within my goal time. It was a 9.3 mile run which was my best run to date. Since then, I am just dying out there! The week after the run I did get really sick and that took me out for a few days but everyday this week I ran, and they were just pitiful.

The best run I had this week was 4 miles...Of course I realize that 4 miles is great and I am thankful that the Lord has given me a body and two legs that allow me to do that but 4 miles isn't cutting it when you need to be running between 9-11 miles...I am going to make the decision this week about the half marathon. The race is April 24th in Nashville. It's costing us alot of money for me to do it because the race is 105 and our hotel is crazy expensive!!! I just don't want to go up there, spend all that money and not do well or ever worse, not be able to finish.

It's becoming stressful for me and that is not what I want. I want running to be a hobby that I enjoy and something that helps keep me in shape. I guess that I just need to pray about what I need to do.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Parker is saying new words everyday. Chad and I are just amazed and we just smile because he says something new every day.

ALL he wants to do is go outside...He goes to the door and says "Ass, Ass Ass.." Yes, my child says ass for outside...We can't help but laugh, but I know that's terrible. We always correct him but he's just not getting it yet. Mrs. Jackie says that he goes to her door and says "Ass" all day! My Parker is going to teach the other kids their first curse word!

He is refusing to eat again. It's so stressful when your child won't eat. He hasn't eaten anything for Mrs. Jackie the past few days. He came down with a fever virus on Thursday last week and he didn't feel well all weekend. I thought maybe that was the reason for not eating but now that he's better, he is still refusing. He is getting quite a few top teeth right now so that may be the culprit. I just want my baby to eat!

Chad is coaching Upward soccer this season so we are gearing up for some busy Saturdays. The games are starting this weekend. I am proud of Chad for doing it because he is so busy with work now. He's such an amazing guy!

Speaking of AMAZING, he is ranked #5 in the country according to his dashboard numbers for the past quarter. I am so proud of him! He has really been working long hours (which I don't always love) but I am proud of him!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another fever....

Went in to get Parker out of the bed this morning and he was on fire....Took his temperature and it was 102.2. He has never had a temp that high before. I am sure that it's another ear infection. He has had about 4 or 5 since December.

Of course, I couldn't find a sub this morning. I rushed around like a crazy person trying to call and find someone...Chad ended up staying home and I am here at work missing my baby like crazy! I want to be with him when he is sick!

Chad called and got him a work in appointment at 1:15 so we'll see....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Latest Happenings

It's been awhile since I have updated...I life like life has been pulling me in so many different directions lately. Chad is working later hours, my job is crazy, and life with a 15 month old is bonkers! We just zip through each day.

Parker turned 15 months old on March 3rd. He is learning and growing so much right now. New words are popping out of his mouth every day. He's getting pretty good at identifying his body parts. He can say the word and point to his nose, belly, belly button, knee, elbow, and of course, his winkie! (I think you can figure out what that is.) :) He also loves to pull up mommy's shirt and show her belly button. I am trying to tell him that NO ONE wants to see mommy's flabby, white belly. :)

He's doing great at Mrs. Jackie's house. He is really developing friendships with the other three children, Kate, Maymie, and Easton. It's really cute!

His new favorite show is Blue's Clues. He will actually sit in our lap and watch an entire episode. It's really cute because NOTHING has interested him enough for him to sit still until now.

I have still been running as much as I can. The time change will be a big help because I will have more time to get my run in before it gets too dark. I worked really hard and trained for the 15K race yesterday called Huff and Puff on the Bluff. It's 9.3 miles long. It's so amazing because last year this time I couldn't run a half a mile. The Lord has really helped me stay focused on my goal. I was sooooo nervous yesterday before the race. My fear was not being able to finish or ever worse, being DEAD last. But thankfully, I finished with my goal time at that. My finishing time was 1:31 and 59 seconds. (so basically one hour and 32 minutes.) Sweet Chad Parker the car at mile 3 and he, parker and my dad were there to cheer me on. I didn't think I would see him again until the end but he snuck to the mile 6 mark and waited for me there. Parker was yelling hey to everyone as they ran by! It was precious and it gave me the boost of energy that I needed.

I haven't put pictures up lately so here are some recent pics! The start with the most recent and some go back to January.

Having fun at the park
Happy Birthday, Max! Parker is obsessed with Max. He walks around the house saying, "Max, Max, Max" over and over.
Parker got his first haircut by Miss Lori.
Daddy went to Orlando for a business trip and we missed him terribly! But of course, daddy came home with gifts. Micky Mouse ears and Goofy!
Gotta love a jelly biscuit!
every man needs a nice scarf..

Mommy and Parker
Parker loves to pull things out of the bathroom cabinets...Mommy doesn't love it so much.
Parker is LOVING books right now.
What do you do when the economy is bad.....Save your money on toys. A milk jug provides hours of fun! :))