Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parker's First Birthday!!

Today was Parker's first birthday! Chad and I woke up all smiles and as soon as he woke up this morning, we began singing "Happy Birthday!" His smiles were a mile wide. Of course I know that he had know idea what was going on but it was so sweet.

We had a party here at the house for him tonight. Chad's parents came over from Athens and the rest was my family. It was my mom and dad, my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rich, my brother, Craig, and my granddad, Rusty. We ate BBQ, potato salad, and baked beans. It was lots of fun! I just enjoyed watching my sweet little boy. He has brought us so much joy over the past year!

Parker this morning before he went to Mrs. Jackie's.
Parker and Daddy
Parker and Mommy

It's hard to tell but his shirt has a number 1 and his name.
Parker LOVED getting to eat his cake!

We got Parker a wagon as his "big" present. He seemed to like it. We pulled him up and down the hall. He got lots of presents. (I want to remember what he got.)
Chad and I got him a wagon, a basketball goal for the bathtub, a sweater for church, and little Mickey Mouse books.
My mom and dad got him an activity cube and an Elmo Christmas movie.
Chad's parents got him two outfits and a See and Say.
My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rich got him a set of Lego's with animals and a touch and feel book.
My granddad got him a toy that spins and plays music.
Aunt Shea couldn't come to the party because she had to go out of town for work but she got him two ADORABLE Christmas shirts and lots of books.

We had a blast and we are going to do it all over again on Sunday in Athens with Chad's family.

I took off work tomorrow because Parker has an appointment with his cardiologist in Huntsville. Dr. Isreal is his doctor. He was born with a VSD, or a hole in his heart. He has not had to receive any treatment since birth but it's always been in the back of my mind. We are going to get it checked tomorrow and we hope and PRAY that it's closed on it's own. I'll update after the appointment.


Bowerman Blessed said...

Happy birthday sweet Parker!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!!! He's got such great parents...I love keeping up with you guys on here!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Parker! Cute pics, Julie! He is precious! One is such a fun age. :) Yeah for Toddler town!!!

Julie Young said...

It looks like Parker had a good birthday! We have that wagon also and Luke LOVES it! Great for going for walks!