Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from The Greenhaws!

What an amazing Christmas! We've had a wonderful Christmas. The past three days have been really busy. We've gone back and forth, back and froth from Florence to Athens but we are blessed to be close enough to see all of our family.

Chad, Parker, and Ryan
Santa brought Parker a Thomas the Train Ball Pit!

Parker LOVES Broby!

Santa brought Parker so many things. (He did not bring Parker a TV though. Santa was too tired to move it to another room.)
The Greenhaw's on Christmas Eve
Rusty with his grandkids and greatgrandkids.
Oh dear. The baby bug will catch you quick. I got to hold sweet baby Addie on Christmas Eve. I love nothing more than holding a precious baby!
My mom, Aunt Debbie, Parker, and Kaden
My attempt to get a nice picture of Parker in front of the tree. It was pretty much a burnt run.
Chad got the movie The Hangover. Yes, we know that it's not very wholesome but it's pretty dang funny.
My mom gave Parker a Radio Flyer rocket.
And the best present of all, PARKER!

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