Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's official, I'm 30!

The day that I have been dreading has finally come. I turned 30 today. I am not really sure where the fear of 30 comes from. It just seemed like yesterday that I was in college, staying up half the night, making midnight runs to Wal-Mart, and eating whatever and whenever I wanted. (wasn't that nice?) 30 always seemed so old to me. I remember thinking that once you're 30,your fun is over. It makes me laugh now to think about my old feelings about being 3o.

Thankfully that my life is full of so many blessings and answered prayers that it is hard to dwell for long. I have such a great husband who is supportive in everything I do. I have a precious miracle baby who is a blessing to our lives everyday.

Chad planned the absolute PERFECT birthday night for me last night and it was all a surprise which is a miracle because he is a HORRIBLE secret keeper. The plan all along was for us to drop Parker off at his parents house and we were going to go to Huntsville to finish off some Christmas shopping and eat at the Melting Pot because I had always wanted to go there. At the last minute before leaving we decided to make plans to spend the night because Chad had enough Marriott Rewards points for a free night. We packed everything up and headed off.

We dropped Parker off and headed to Huntsville. We did some shopping for unfortunately a migraine headache hit pretty quick in Target so we went back to the hotel and I took alot of Extra Strength Tylenol and took a nap. I was refreshed and ready to go!

We made the BRISK walk to the Melting Pot through Bridge Street. It was freezing! You go down a hallway to get to the restaurant and you can see the waiting area though the glass. As we walked up, I noticed Katy. I yelled out to Chad, "OH my Gosh, there's Katy and Luke!" At this point I am just thinking that is pure conconindence that they are there. Then I immediately notice Raycheal and Brian. And mind you this is all before we even enter the restaurant. My first thought was, "They are so mean. They have planned a night out and didn't invite me." I was still totally unaware of what was going on.

As Chad and I enter the doors they all stand up to greet me and I see gifts and it's then that I realize what is going on..I immediately start crying because I was so excited. We don't get together than often and it's very rare for everyone to be there. (Sara and Craig walk in during the hugging and crying!) I just kept smiling and crying for awhile. It was an amazing treat and surprise. We had an amazing dinner and ate TONS of food. The dessert part was my favorite, of course! We were there from 6:30-9:30. I didn't want the night to end.

If you don't know who these friends are, here's a little bit about them:

Katy: Katy was the first person that I met at UNA. We lived on the same floor and we did so much together. We both pledged Alpha Gam and we've both have alot of the same interests. After marriage, we both had difficulty conceiving a child so we endured IVF together. I am not sure that I would've made it some days without her. She was able to tell me what to expect, how things would feel, etc. She has a precious little girl, Harper. I plan for her and Parker to marry someday! :) Harper has profound hearing loss and wears hearing aids in both ears and both Katy and Luke have been so brave and strong throughout the whole ordeal. She is an amazing mother!I love them all with all of my heart! Katy and I talk quite often on the phone and I feel like something is wrong if we don't talk every few days. I love Katy with all my heart! One of my favorite things about katy is that I can trust her to be honest with me. I can ask her if my jeans make my butt look big and she will give me an honest answer. I love that about her!

Sara: Sara and I also met at UNA though Alpha Gam because we are pledge sisters. Sara has always been the one that makes us laugh. In college, she was the one with the disaster of a room, cereal bowls that were a week old laying around, dirty clothes all over the floor, but when she walked out of her room, she always looked amazing. She is beautiful. Fashion is her thing. She is always dressed perfectly and she is current with fashions. She married her college sweetheart and he is just as great. I actually took him to an alpha gam function and that is where she "fell for him." I love and cherish her friendship and advice.

Raycheal: Raych was my matron of honor at my wedding. I was also the Maid of Honor in her wedding. (I almost ruined the whole wedding. I'll have to blog about that another day!) We met a year after I met Sara and Katy because she pledged Alpha Gam a year later. Emily Murphy and I were looking for a place to live and we needed a third roomate. I found a house and to be able to afford it, we needed a third roomate. Lynna, who was discipling us, told us to ask Raycheal,and the rest is history. We became instant friends. We love the same things. We were pretty much together from the moment we moved in together. We would stay up late playing Ninentendo, we'd nap on the couch in the afternoon and we'd eat all of the time. But Raych pretty much only ate chocolate covered Krispy Kreme donuts. (Some things never change!) We were also SOAR counselors together and we lived in the dorms together for one summer. Raych is a dear friend and a wonderful mother to two precious children, Connor and Anna Grace. I love Raycheal and I know that she would do ANYTHING for me.
Raycheal, Me, Sara, and Katy
The Boys:
Luke (belongs to Katy) My Chaddy, Craig (belongs to Sara) and Brian (Belongs to Raych)
Me and Raycheal
My sweet hubby who planned the whole night
Sara and Katy
Me and Raycheal again
It was an amazing night. I will have fond memories of turning 30!


Bowerman Blessed said...

What a sweet husband you have to plan such a nice night. 30 is definitely a special number that needs to be celebrated in a fun way! It may seem different to be 30, but I just keep telling myself I am getting younger. We can still have lots of fun!

Julie Greenhaw said...

You are right! One night after Christmas I want to go out again and stay out later than 11:30!!

Julie Young said...

That sounds like an awesome trip. Chad really did a good job! I love little surprises like that. I think it is funny that you thought they had planned something and didn't invite you. That cracked me up!

Scarlett said...

Such a great birthday story! I thought of you yesterday--sorry I didn't wish you happy birthday! What a great husband to plan that for you! :)

Katy said...

That was so fun, Julie! I smile every time I think about that look on your face! Love you!!!

Melodie said...

What a sweet hubby and sweet friends! I'm so glad you had a fun night! I love that you didn't realize they were there for you! Happy Belated!

Brooklyn said...

So glad you had a great birthday! You totally deserve it! (p.s. Ben says "30 aint so bad"...I'll let you know when I get there--it's just around the corner). Love you girl!