Sunday, December 27, 2009

I need some mom suggestions...

I always said that I did not want to be the mom that let their child eat the same thing at every meal and I am afraid that I am turning into that mom. I always try to fix him different things but he will grunt and throw the food on the floor. I always admired Kate Gosselin (strange, I know) because she cooks a meal and her children either eat it or they don't get dinner. I want Parker to be a child who will eat and try lots of different foods but right now we are on a path of Parker being a toothpick and his mommy pulling her hair out! :)

With that being said, he is becoming picky and I need some suggestions on some new things to try. Right now these are the things that I can always count on him to eat:

Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Whole Wheat Waffles with blueberries
Whole Wheat pancakes
Tyson Chicken nuggets
Sweet Potatoes
Sometimes mashed potatoes
Yogurt Melts

He loves french fries and I try to avoid that unless we are in a restaurant and he's acting like a maniac. He actually did eat my spaghetti last night which is huge. For a few weeks, he was just refusing to eat. He would turn his head to the side and say, "All gone!" The only meat he will eat is chicken nuggets. I am concerned that he's not getting enough protein.

What are some things that you feed your children? Now keep in mind, he still only has two teeth! (Poor thing. He's probably going to start kindergarten with only two teeth!)


Katy said...

No mac and cheese? Wow. I think cheese and crackers with some cut up fruit is a great meal. Will he eat peanut butter? Good source of protein. I feed Harper lots of beans for protein, too. I'm probably not the best to ask since my child will eat ANYTHING.

Julie Greenhaw said...

It's crazy, Katy. He used to eat everything. AFter Hand, Foot, Mouth, he just quit eating. He's slowly starting to do a little bit better. I need to do more beans I guess. He does like peanut butter. He hates mac and cheese. He used to like it but now he just spits it out if you put it in his mouth.

Ashley said...

This sounds ALOT like Lane and it is a constant battle. Lane loves frozen blueberries, black olives, any kind of rice, pickles and cheese. THe only meat that he will eat is Anytizers Chicken Fries and cubed turkey (out of the lunchables). We have figured out that he eats better when he "asks" for his food instead of us putting it in front of him and it is not as much of a battle. It sounds like Parker is eating some really good his dairy is a good source of protein as well. Good luck!

Melodie said...

Girl we could talk for a day about Callan's crazy eating habits. Several recommendations (not that they always work for us). Ashley could be right about the asking to eat it. Will's aunt suggested that we pull Callan up to the table and put an empty plate and fork in front of her and wait for her to ask for some food. THEN we feed her. Also, do you let him feed himself any? I am so OCD that I hate for her to get messy but sometimes just letting her have control is a big step for us. One more suggestion that we know works for us. We avoid giving her her milk at times to make her hungry for food. Ex. When she wakes up from her afternoon nap if we are eating soon, we just keep telling her that she can have her milk with dinner and then she is starving and will eat just about anything. Okay, on to the food suggestions. Beanie weenies, turkey that looks like bologna (thick so she can pick it up), whole kernel corn w/ salt and pepper, a can of peas seasoned, pancakes, cheese toast, graham crackers with pb, lunchables (toddler sized ones at Wal-Mart-fabulous to take with you if he'll eat it), mandarin oranges, diced apples (baby section), diced peaches, Craisins, a pb&j sandwich. We don't always eat all of this of course seeing as we aren't even on the weight chart yet BUT the milk to us is the biggest success so far. We've decided she uses her milk as a pacifier sometimes and so if we withhold it, she is more likely to eat. I hope this helps. I more blog about Callan's bad eating habits to get some tips too. We are also in the spitting out food stage. Fun times! Ugh!!!!!!!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Wow. Thanks girls. All fab suggestions. We did notice the other night that forcing him to eat isn't working. We usually feed him first and then we will eat. He kept refusing to eat so we just ignored him and chad and I started to eat. He then became interested and ate lots of spaghetti which was a first. I think that he is so stubborn that he does it to annoy/frustrate us! :) Ya'll gave some good food suggestions. I'll give those a try! Thanks! What would I do without my friends???

Julie Young said...

We are going through a bad eating stage as well. Luke used to eat all sorts of things, but now he just wants junk. He likes PB, so I try and give that to him as much as possible. I think that it is pretty good for them. We dip mini vanilla waffers in PB and that is how he eats it. He likes the pasta pick ups (in the baby section). Fish sticks are usually a big hit. Mini raviolli (in the normal food section) is one of his favorites these days. Just for fun, you need to get him some of those mighty mini popsicles. Those are GREAT!

Ashley said...

You are such a great mom! Does he drink alot of milk? I am in agreement with whoever asked about his milk intake. When GB was Parker's age, she was drinking milk for meals instead of food. Does he snack a lot? Ginna Bess use to eat goldfish, raisins, fruit gummies,pb crackers, etc. so much during the day that she was never truly hungry at meal time. We slowed down the constant snacking and that seemed to help. GB started eating a lot better when we talked to her about being a big girl. We would fix her plate with what we were eating, and all sit down together to eat.(We also moved her to a highchair seat in a chair at the table) She would feed herself some, and I would feed her some then Lee, etc. She learned a lot by watching us and being praised for being a big girl. When she would throw food, knock off untensils, plates, cups, onto the floor, we would leave it there. Everytime she knocked things off she thought we were playing a game. When we left it there, she realized this was not game playing time. She soon began to eat and act well. She eats everything now vegetables, fruit, meats, etc. She actually loves salad and cole slaw. We would ask what she would like some, and other nights we would say, yeah, the big girl is trying and eating ______________. That worked for her. You are doing a good job. Eating habits are up and down from here on out. Just try and try again until you find what is best for you and your little man.

Scarlett said...

Teething can interfere with their eating and so can ear infections (I know he had one recently). Since my children were 17 and 15months before they got their first teeth, I struggled with what to feed them too. But, I read that even with teeth at that age, they primarily use their gums for mashing food, so he can probably eat more than you realize. As Julie suggested, fish sticks are great! Ava also liked mashed potatoes at that age and with supervision, of course, I gave her a little spoon with them on there and she'd eat a LOT! Peanut butter on a spoon is great too! I have found that dipping things like that or even yogurt onto a spoon and giving the spoon to them makes them want to eat more because it gives them a little independence and helps them learn to use utensils at an early age.
Bonnie is a HORRIBLE eater and I have worried about her for a long time, so I understand the concern. Dr. Freeman told me to watch the milk intake because it fills them up and he also said 1 Kraft cheese slice a day has 21% of the daily calcium recommendation and it's also a good source of protein. I don't think kids need as much milk as we give them because they can get calcium in other things like cheese, broccolli, etc. Ava's going through a stage now where she only wants to eat cheese so I'm having to give her little cut up prunes to help with that. I'd also suggest the little diced vegetables (corn, peas,green beans, carrots) that you can find in the canned vegetable section of the grocery store. These come 4 in a pack and are in plastic containers similar to individual applesauces. They are GREAT to take with you places and just to open up at home, warm for a few seconds in microwave, and let him feed himself. Good luck! OH, Ava will not eat cut up meats that I make for dinner, so I've been giving her thin sliced deli turkey and ham to eat and she LOVES it--and that will get the protein in too!

Ashley said...

I just thought of something else! GB lived on deli sliced turkey and ham with cheese. She loved wheat thins b/c I could barely get her to eat bread.

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