Tuesday, December 29, 2009

House Remodeling Project: Day 1

New wall view from the dining room
Chad and Parker in the new office
They are closing the opening and adding two closets. YAY for storage! Storage makes me very happy!

The work began yesterday on our house. We had a few ideas of things that we wanted to do and they have slowly grown to quite a few big projects but we are so excited. Once we found out that we didn't have to move, we wanted to do a few things to make the house even better!

All older houses have a formal living room which we NEVER used. We decided to close off the opening between the living room and the dining room and turn the living room into a large office for Chad. (and me too!) Brink Builders are family friends and they are doing the work. Here are the pictures as to how it looked last night when we went to bed!

Other things we are doing:
We are adding recess (sp?) lighting in the new office and the den. We are also putting in a light over the shower in the master bathroom. We are taking down the HORRIBLE light fixture in the master bathroom and putting up new ones. We are going to paint the den, new office, dining room, and master bathroom. We are having Brink Builders build a covered patio off of the playroom. We are knocking out a window in the playroom to put in two french doors leading to the new patio. We are probably going to get a new Chad a new workshop on our back lot. That will be last though.

Chad has to sell his truck first! Let me know if anyone wants a truck!! :)


Julie Greenhaw said...

I just reread my post and saw where I put we are going to get a new Chad...No new Chad here....Just old regular Chad. :)

The Bordens said...

Is the stuff still for sell, would like all of the den stuff. How big is the sofa. Email me asap Kristi Villerreal Borden kristiborden@comcast.net

Julie Greenhaw said...

Sorry Kristi! We sold it the other night! Hope that you are doing well!