Friday, October 16, 2009

September and October updates

I have not put any updated photos on the blog lately so I thought I put some from the past month or so..

And yes, I assume you are asking, "Is Chad digging in the garbage can?" Poor fellow. He was digging in the trash because I thought that I threw two Target gift cards worth $20 each in the trash! He dug and dug and couldn't find them. And then of course, after 20 minutes of digging in the trash, with gloves I might add, I immediately thought of a place where they could be! I found them and he gave me the EVIL eye for a few minutes...Well, for a lot of minutes! But he got over it!

I couldn't get this durn picture to rotate but it is Parker at the Florence Homecoming Parade.
Fun with my sweet cousins! I just love Carrington and Johnson!
Baby dedication was this past Sunday at church. This was an emotion and happy day for Chad and I. Two years ago we were going through fertility treatments and I sobbed through baby dedication. I was so scared that we would never be able to stand in front of our church family with a precious child. It was such a proud moment for us!

Watching my daddy work. This was about an hour before parker started running a fever and chad starting throwing up!
I love that sweet smile!!


Ashley said...

That is too funny about Chad digging through the trash for the gift cards! LOL You have a precious baby boy and such a sweet family!

Melodie said...

Me and Kimberly had to dig through the trash looking for keys so we know how Chad feels. I love looking at the pictures. Parker is such a cutie and I'm so glad ya'll got to stand up front for baby day. I know how special that was for you both!