Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parker's first major sickness!

We made it to 10 months without any major sickness so I guess I should be thankful for that. Up until this point, we had only dealt with snot and coughing. So here's what happened...

Tuesday was a normal day at work and Chad worked Florence so he finished early and got home by 3:30. Since it was so pretty, we decided to take Parker to the St. Florien (how do you spell it, Help me Krista!) park. We played for awhile and also invited Krista, Julianna, and Max to play with us! Bless their hearts, at the time they didn't know they were walking into a germ factory!

We then went down the street to the house where they sell the mums and pumpkins. They have GREAT mums by the way and they are pretty cheap. We came home and decided to go for a walk. parker always LOVES to get in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood. He fussed the entire time which is so unlike him. We didn't think much of it and came in and did the normal bath and bottle routine. As I put him to sleep, I thought that he felt hot but I decided against taking his temperature. This was around 7:30. At 10:00 he woke up soooo fussy. He is the kind that once you lay him down, He is OUT for the rest of night. (Thank the good Lord.)

He still felt hot so I took his temp and it was almost 102. Oh my goodness. I freaked out! It was his first fever. I tried to work out child care for him for the following day but in the end, I decided to stay home and love my baby. He ran a fever all day but he still ate and played. Around 6, Chad called and his car broke down in Rogersville, (That's a whole other blog in itself) so as I was leaving to go get him, I noticed the sores on the palms of his hands and on the bottom of his feet.

My poor baby has Hand, Foot, Mouth. It just sounds awful, doesn't it?? He isn't wanting to drink much because his throat is sore. We called the doctor and they said not to bring him in because there is not much they can do. We just have to wait it out. My poor baby. I had to go back to work today (because it takes an Act of Congress for a teacher to take off work!). Chad's dad drove over from Athens to keep him and when I got home, he was scorching!! His fever has been up all day long!

I want to stay home with him again so bad tomorrow but Chad's mom has taken off work and she is going to keep him. It just BREAKS my heart not to be with him when he is sick. I know that all of the moms who work out of the home understand!

It can take up to a week to run it's course so hopefully by Monday he will be well enough to go back to Mrs. Jackie's.If not, my mom is already on standby.

It is just awful as a mom to watch your child hurt and feel bad.... Oh and there will be many more times like these ahead...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

We went today and borrowed my friend Jennifer's front yard. She has a really cute fall set up with pumpkins, hay and scarecrows. I thought it would be a cute place to take some pictures of our little man!

Friday, October 16, 2009

September and October updates

I have not put any updated photos on the blog lately so I thought I put some from the past month or so..

And yes, I assume you are asking, "Is Chad digging in the garbage can?" Poor fellow. He was digging in the trash because I thought that I threw two Target gift cards worth $20 each in the trash! He dug and dug and couldn't find them. And then of course, after 20 minutes of digging in the trash, with gloves I might add, I immediately thought of a place where they could be! I found them and he gave me the EVIL eye for a few minutes...Well, for a lot of minutes! But he got over it!

I couldn't get this durn picture to rotate but it is Parker at the Florence Homecoming Parade.
Fun with my sweet cousins! I just love Carrington and Johnson!
Baby dedication was this past Sunday at church. This was an emotion and happy day for Chad and I. Two years ago we were going through fertility treatments and I sobbed through baby dedication. I was so scared that we would never be able to stand in front of our church family with a precious child. It was such a proud moment for us!

Watching my daddy work. This was about an hour before parker started running a fever and chad starting throwing up!
I love that sweet smile!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

UNA Homecoming

Last weekend was a great weekend! It was UNA Homecoming and Katy's 30th birthday. Katy is the first of my college friends to turn the big 3-0 so we all took advantage and got together in Florence to celebrate. Katy, Sara and Melissa were able to come and it is so rare that we are all together. (Boo for Raycheal not getting to come!) A bunch of my sorority sisters got together at On The Rocks Friday night and we had lots of fun and lots of laughs. We left and went to the pep rally but that was really a wasted trip because we couldn't really see anything and the football team wasn't even there. What's up with that?? Saturday morning, we went to the parade and then did lunch at Ricatoni's. Yummy yummy! Of course we had to make a quick TJ Max run before we started tailgating. The Alpha Gam tent was great this year! LOTS of fun and fun!!

*By the way, Alpha Gam won homecoming and won first place in Step Show! (They still are the best!)

Me and Caroline (AKA Little Pud) at the Alpha Gam tent
We went to Brinley Brothers Saturday night. I actually stayed out until 11:45! We were staying in the "fun zone" the whole weekend to celebrate Katy's birthday!
More fun at Brinley's!
Me and Sweet Melissa It has been over a YEAR since we had seen each other! WAY TOO LONG!
Sara and Katy resting. Standing on the hill in boots sucks!
Fun at the tailgate
At the hotel before heading to the tailgate
And of course, it's not a girls weekend without a trip to TJ Max. Notice the lady behind us. She was not happy that we were taking a picture while in line. :)

The weekend was a blast and I just love, love, love being with friends. Parker was in Athens with Chad's parents for the entire weekend. It was the longest that we had ever left him but it was a good break for us. We just got to enjoy the weekend. I sure did miss him though. We were on the road pretty early on Sunday to go to Athens and get him!

Happy 30th Birthday Katy. I hate to tell you, but I am not going to join you in the 30 club. I am staying 29 forever!