Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby can crawl!

We have been so busy around here since school started back. I know that all of you working moms know how I feel...The day is just rush, rush, rush. I work so hard all day and then I rush home to make the most of every moment I have with Parker until I put him to sleep around 7:30. When I finally sit down around 9, I CRASH!

My class is great this year, probably this best group I have ever had! I think that the Lord knew I needed a great class so I would want to keep working. : Being a stay at home mom is so tempting!

Last week was Parker's first week with Mrs. Jackie. Mrs. Jackie is keeping four kids at her house and bless her heart, Parker and another little girl are now crawling so they are everywhere! When Parker started last monday he wasn't crawling yet but Kate, the other little girl could crawl and I think that she motivated him to get moving! When I picked him up Friday afternoon after work, he was everywhere. He is so cute when he crawls. He'll crawl across the floor and then stop and look and us and yell because he's so excited. It's precious!

He did well at Mrs. Jackie's. He did cry some when Chad dropped him off and Chad said that it was so hard to leave him. (I am glad that I am not the one dropping him off. I wouldn't be able to leave if he was crying!) She said that he is taking two great naps every day. She puts him down at 9:15 and then again at 1:15. He's eating well and he just seems very happy there. It makes it so much easier to go to work knowing that he is happy!

He's had a bit of a cold the last week though and he's been pretty fussy. We go tomorrow for his 9 month check up. I can NOT believe that he is 9 months old. Before I know it, he'll be 1. I have mixed feelings about it because I know that he's not going to be a baby for much longer but as he gets older, he is able to do do much more. We took him to the zoo Saturday in Birmingham and he had lots of fun.

Happy 9 month birthday tomorrow, Parker!


The Bowerman Blog said...

Awww the sweet boy is crawling. Fast times approaching. No more sitting around! Happy 9 months!

Brooklyn said...

Yea for Parker!! I know he keeps you on your toes and walking is just around the corner. I felt the same way...not wanting Brooks to get bigger but it just gets better and better. He's 19 months old and a blast...says the funniest things!! There's great things ahead, but of course, enjoy the moment he's in now...there's nothing like hitting a new stage and watching him learn! Have fun!