Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another post about embryos

Well, this time it's actually not about our embryos. :)) Did any of you see the story where the couple went in to attempt to have a fourth child and they were implanted with the wrong embryos?? Her and her husband had five embryos cryopreserved or frozen and they went in for a transfer meaning they were to "thaw" out the embryos and implant them with the hopes of one healthy pregnancy.

They already had three children. Two were conceived naturally and the youngest was conceived through In Vetro Fertilization. Ten days after the transfer they were waiting for the call to find out if they were pregnant or not. They got the shock of a lifetime. They were pregnant but not with their child. They were implanted with another couples embryos..Can you imagine??

The lady who is pregnant seems really sweet and she is just torn up about having to hand off the baby after birth. She said that she knows and understands that it's not her child...but really, how hard would that be???

chad and I used to always joke and say we hoped that they put the "right ones in." :) I think that we are pretty certain that Parker is ours! :)

I just think that this story is so sad. I just can't imagine being in that woman's situation. I hope and pray that I will never be....


Julie Y. said...

I saw that! That is crazy!

Kimberly said...

That is so sad for both couples involved!

Scarlett said...

Oh man! That's an odd situation! Hopefully, it's rare that those things happen!