Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long night ahead

Parker is sick with an awful cold so at around 6 I decided that it would be a good idea for me to go ahead and find a sub for tomorrow. Got a great sub and went to school tonight to work on my sub plans...(You know, teachers have a ton of extra work to do to be off..) Chad calls while I'm working and says that he's now throwing up...

So Parker is shooting snot rockets and Chad is throwing up....that is just great...

And to top it off, I am starting to feel queasy....oh dear Lord.....Please keep me healthy and get me through this night....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another post about embryos

Well, this time it's actually not about our embryos. :)) Did any of you see the story where the couple went in to attempt to have a fourth child and they were implanted with the wrong embryos?? Her and her husband had five embryos cryopreserved or frozen and they went in for a transfer meaning they were to "thaw" out the embryos and implant them with the hopes of one healthy pregnancy.

They already had three children. Two were conceived naturally and the youngest was conceived through In Vetro Fertilization. Ten days after the transfer they were waiting for the call to find out if they were pregnant or not. They got the shock of a lifetime. They were pregnant but not with their child. They were implanted with another couples embryos..Can you imagine??

The lady who is pregnant seems really sweet and she is just torn up about having to hand off the baby after birth. She said that she knows and understands that it's not her child...but really, how hard would that be???

chad and I used to always joke and say we hoped that they put the "right ones in." :) I think that we are pretty certain that Parker is ours! :)

I just think that this story is so sad. I just can't imagine being in that woman's situation. I hope and pray that I will never be....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parker at 9 months

Parker is nine months old and he is so much fun. (exhausting, but fun!) He started crawling a few weeks ago and he has not stopped since. One moment he'll be sitting next to me and the next he's across the room trying to eat dog food. He'll crawl into the kitchen and attempt to get to Bailey's bowl. He knows that he is not allowed to do it so he will look back at me the whole time. We keep telling him no and have even popped his hand a few times...Don't seem to bother him at all. He's determined to get to that dog food. I'm sure he'll sneak some in his mouth over the next year...Oh well, guess it could be worse...

His favorite thing to do right now is dance. HE LOVES to dance and we just think it's precious...He loves the music to Yo Gabba Gabba. He'll smile so big and dance. (He's only got one move..He just bounces up and down..) He needs to learn some new moves I guess.

His favorite songs to sing are:
The Wheels on the Bus, If Your Happy and You Know It, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider
He can be screaming and but if you start singing one of his songs, he smiles immediately...We just love it...

He weighs around 22 pounds now...He's wearing 12 month and 18 month clothes...He just seems to keep growing! At his nine month check up, he was 95% for weight, 75% for height, and 95% for head circumference. He has a huge head!! :) Poor thing! When he was born, that's the first thing the nurses kept saying, "What a huge head!" No wonder I pushed for so freakin long!

We've had to lower his mattress in his crib because he is pulling up so much. We also took off the bumper pads. I didn't want to because it just doesn't look very cute but it was making me nervous. He sleeps like a crazy man and he is all over the place. We went in to check on him a few times and he had his head between the bumper pad and the crib so off they went...

He has a new flirty smile... When he's on the floor playing and you say his name, he'll look up at you and smile a huge smile and he squints his eyes closed. It is so cute and he's such a little flirt.

Chad's cousin, Amanda, is letting us use her kids walker that they have outgrown. Parker loves it and he flies all over the house. Our entire house is hardwood floors and it's great for him in the walker. The only bad thing is he will crash into your ankles and it really hurts!

What fun times we are having as parents...Don't get me wrong...Many days are long and hard...Brooklyn and I were talking tonight about how exhausting it is to teach all day, with virtually NO breaks and rush home to begin our second full time job, wife and mommy. It's difficult and I sometimes wonder if being a working mom is the right decision...I just hope and pray that Parker will always know and feel that mommy and daddy love him when he is at Mrs. Jackie's everyday....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby can crawl!

We have been so busy around here since school started back. I know that all of you working moms know how I feel...The day is just rush, rush, rush. I work so hard all day and then I rush home to make the most of every moment I have with Parker until I put him to sleep around 7:30. When I finally sit down around 9, I CRASH!

My class is great this year, probably this best group I have ever had! I think that the Lord knew I needed a great class so I would want to keep working. : Being a stay at home mom is so tempting!

Last week was Parker's first week with Mrs. Jackie. Mrs. Jackie is keeping four kids at her house and bless her heart, Parker and another little girl are now crawling so they are everywhere! When Parker started last monday he wasn't crawling yet but Kate, the other little girl could crawl and I think that she motivated him to get moving! When I picked him up Friday afternoon after work, he was everywhere. He is so cute when he crawls. He'll crawl across the floor and then stop and look and us and yell because he's so excited. It's precious!

He did well at Mrs. Jackie's. He did cry some when Chad dropped him off and Chad said that it was so hard to leave him. (I am glad that I am not the one dropping him off. I wouldn't be able to leave if he was crying!) She said that he is taking two great naps every day. She puts him down at 9:15 and then again at 1:15. He's eating well and he just seems very happy there. It makes it so much easier to go to work knowing that he is happy!

He's had a bit of a cold the last week though and he's been pretty fussy. We go tomorrow for his 9 month check up. I can NOT believe that he is 9 months old. Before I know it, he'll be 1. I have mixed feelings about it because I know that he's not going to be a baby for much longer but as he gets older, he is able to do do much more. We took him to the zoo Saturday in Birmingham and he had lots of fun.

Happy 9 month birthday tomorrow, Parker!