Saturday, July 4, 2009

Parker is 7 months old!

I can't believe that it's already July! Where oh where as the summer gone?? I start AMSTI next week so for the next two weeks I will be sitting in workshops from 8:00-3:30!! The right thing to do is be positive and smile about it but that is so hard. I don't want to miss any time from Parker right now so I am not too pumped about it but THANKFULLY this is our last summer to go!!

We have been on the go this summer going to the pool, trips, etc. We went back to Panama City in June with Chad's family and had a blast! I wish that we could've stayed longer!! Going back always makes me miss living there. We drove through the parking lot of my old school and it just breaks my heart. I made so many wonderful friends and and I met so many wonderful families at Patronis. 

A few weeks ago Chad and Jerry were in a fashion show at the mall!! Jerry is our little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters. He's been our little for over three years now! He LOVED being on stage as the center of attention. It actually made me cry because he was so happy! 

Parker turned seven months old yesterday! It's hard to believe how fast he is growing up! He is really starting to the get "big boy" look now and it just breaks my heart although it is fun to see him learning and doing so many new things! He can say mama and dada although he says dada more frequently. He loves to drink juice out of his sippy cup. He can't hold the cup yet but I am hoping he will start doing that soon. I keep trying to get him to hold his bottle but I think that he rather me do it! :) We went to visit Harper, Katy, and Luke in Jasper on Tuesday night and it quickly made me realize that Parker needed new toys. HIs were boring compared to what Harper had. He loved playing with Harper's toys so of course first thing Wednesday morning I was off to Target. He will just sit on his blanket on the carpet and play with his toys! 

He is still eating great! The only thing I have found that he won't eat is green peas. Lately he's going through a phase where he doesn't want to drink his formula so we are fighting that a bit but all in all anything you put in his mouth, he will eat! He is doing better about wanting to be on his stomach. He used to scream bloody murder if you put him on his stomach. The kid STILL has not rolled over. The doctor said not to worry but I just want to tell Parker, just roll over so I'll quit worrying about it!! I think he's going to crawl before he rolls!!

Parker getting ready to go to the pool!
My dad, my Uncle Rich, Parker, and Parker's cousin, Kayden
Sleeping on the beach!
Yummy! Daddy gave me a taste of his ice cream!
Chad and Jerry modeling GAP clothes! Aren't they cute??


Scarlett said...

I would have LOVED to see that talent show. I'm sure it was a hoot! I love the next to last picture on your blog----the one of Parker close up. He is a beautiful baby! :)

The Bowerman Blog said...

Oh I love reading your posts. Parker is so cute. I love babies in the their little swimsuits. They are sooooo cute. Joshua can't wait to have you in the Fall!

Melodie said...

How cute are those pics! I love seeing them! AMSTI sounds no fun but at least it is your last year to do it. Missed seeing you this morning!