Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parker's 6 month checkup

We went today for Parker's six month checkup. Bless his little heart, he was so excited and smiling when we got there. I felt guilty because I knew he had no idea what was coming! :( Dr. Colvard said that everything looks great. I was concerned because Parker still shows no interest in rolling over. Most babies have been rolling over for months now and Parker just lays there...well, he actually just screams because he HATES to be on his stomach. The doctor said that his muscle development was strong and good and his weight is above where it should be so he feels like everything is fine. 

He could still heart the heart murmur which means that the hole still has not closed which bothers me a bit. They said that it's not a big deal if it doesn't but I'd rather my child not have a hole in his heart. We go back to the pediatric cardiologist when Parker turns a year old. He said that he really felt like the hole would close by the time he is a year old so I hope that he is right!

He said that Parker needs to start eating baby food three times a day. We had just been doing morning and night. He seems to love all baby food. The only one that he didn't seem to crazy about was green peas...Can't blame him though....they aren't that great! I have given him juice a few times in a sippy cut but he hasn't quite gotten drinking out of a sippy cup under control yet...He tries to pick it up but he just can't quite hold it steady and he gets mad and screams! 

We are heading to the beach again on Saturday with Chad's family. It's always a wonderful time and we can't wait! 


Melodie said...

So glad to hear about your chunky monkey. He is too cute! I'm sure the hole will close up. I may be crazy but I think that is somewhat common. You stink getting to go to the beach again. My trip wasn't long enough! Have fun!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Melodie, you're right. They are very common but I just don't like it. :( The doc said that many people have a VSD and don't even know it...

The Bowerman Blog said...

That sweet little guy! Macy was a chunky monkey too! She is starting to thin out a little now!
Did ya'll see Dr. Israel in Huntsville for the pediatric cardiologist? Marah saw him last week!