Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

On June 5, 2004, I married my sweet husband, Chad. Tomorrow will be our five year anniversary. He is so sweet and has planned an afternoon and night in Huntsville for us to celebrate. I love surprises but it drives me crazy to not know what's going on. He won't tell me  what we are doing or where we are staying! I am so excited to get away for a night. 

Our wedding day was beautiful. All of our dear friends were in the wedding and that made it even more special. My matron of honor was Raycheal and my bridesmaids were Katy, Sara, Emily, Melissa, Cara, Laura, and Elizabeth. A wonderful mix of friends that I have made throughout my life. Each one is so special. Our ceremony was held at Woodmont at 2:00 in the afternoon. The weather was warm and beautiful. The reception was held at Florence Country Club. It was a nice reception with great food. Chad and I left and headed to Birmingham for the "Big Night!" The next morning we drove to Hilton Head, South Caroline for a few days. Although the wedding was perfect, we all felt the dark cloud hanging overhead. In April, about six weeks before the wedding, my dad was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. The doctors were worried because it was a pretty strong cancer and my dad was so young. The wedding was Saturday and he had his surgery in Birmingham on Monday to remove it. It was very invasive and he was in LOTS of pain for weeks. My dad insisted that we continue our honeymoon plans but I must admit, the honeymoon was nice, but I just worried about my dad the whole time! I just wanted to be with my family. 

At the time of the wedding, I was living in Atlanta and Chad had just been offered a job in Panama City Beach. When we found out we were moving to Florida, we got in the car and headed down to find a place to live. We literally just drove around trying to find an affordable apartment complex, which is hard by the way. We finally settled on Harbour Green in PCB. I noticed a school next door so I emailed my resume to the principal not really expecting to hear anything. She noticed my resume because her sons had gone to UNA too! Wow! What perfect planning on God's part! I interviewed over the phone the day before the wedding and I was offered the job! It was such a blessing and a relief to know that I would be able to teach when we moved. 

After the honeymoon, we spent one week in my apartment in ATL and then Chad had to leave for two weeks to train with Lilly so I moved back in my parents to help out and keep my dad company. Nothing like getting married and then moving back in with the folks. Chad came home for two weeks and we stayed with our parents, (just what newlyweds want to do!) and then he had to leave again for another two weeks! :( bummer! While he was gone that time, it was time to move to PCB! Lilly sent movers to move our stuff but my mom and dad, who was starting to move around by that point, came down to Florida to help out! 

Our first summer as a married couple was crazy and we were all over the place. We sure did alot right off the bat. Got married, moved to a new state, and  both got new jobs!! 

Chad is such a wonderful husband and friend. Every day he makes me laugh. People always think Chad is older because he so "so mature" but truth of the matter is, he's just a big kid and I love it!! He is always considerate of my feelings and needs and I feel that I hit the "husband jackpot!" What a blessing to have a great marriage! I love him even more now that we have Parker. I love watching his eyes light up when he gets home from work and sees Parker for the first time. They just stare and smile at each other with such love in their eyes. I will never tire of seeing that. I just feel that I should drop to my knees each day with a prayer of Thanksgiving for the Lord blessing me with such a wonderful man. 

Happy Anniversary, Chad!! It's been a wonderful five years and I look forward to so many more!!


Julie Y. said...

Very sweet post Jules!

Elizabeth Sloan said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Thank you again for letting me share in your special day:)

Katy said...

Awwww! So sweet. Happy anniversary! I love surprises--let me know what it is!

Melodie said...

How sweet are you! That was fun to read! I hope ya'll have a wonderful anniversary and surprise trip. We'll have to hear about it when you get home!

The Bowerman Blog said...

How sweet! What a great post! I didn't know any of that so it was nice finding out some new tidbits about your life together. Hope you both have a wonderful night!