Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy 4 month Birthday, Parker!

Dear Parker, 
Today is your four month birthday and I just can't believe it! These four months have been full of joy, excitement, and at times, lots of stress. We found out on April 5 last year that we were pregnant with you. Daddy and I hated the ten days we had to wait to find out to find out if we were going to be parents! Your daddy was going to the Masters in Georgia and mommy got the call from the doctor's office around 3. It was torture waiting on daddy to get home late that night to tell him the wonderful news! I have never felt so much joy and excitement in my life! 
We have loved watching you grow. (and grow and grow...You weigh 18 pounds now!) You are our little chunky monkey! Your smile melts our hearts. I love watching you smile when your daddy walks into the room. We pray that you will continue to grow into a strong, healthy and happy little boy. We can't imagine life without you! 

Love forever and ever, 
Mommy and Daddy


The Chandler Babies said...

Precious Julie!!! : )

Brooklyn said...

You made me cry! I know you are so proud-he is beautiful!! It's funny though-Brooks was 18 pounds at a year! He'll catch up one day :) Hope you had a great day with him on his 4th month b'day.