Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to the world of a Green Frog!

Well, the time has come. As of Monday, my maternity leave will officially end and I will be going back to work. I will be back in charge of Mrs. Greenhaw's Green Frogs classroom. I have mixed feelings about going back to work. I can't imagine being away from Parker for an entire day yet I am looking forward to getting back into my classroom and spending time with my co-workers. I have only been away from him for a few hours at a time. I am sure that I will leave EXTREMELY long notes for the family members who are keeping him each day. They will surely roll their eyes but it will make me feel better. If only I could take him to work with me everyday. (like I would really be able to get anything done!) 

Since I was a little girl and my granddad was the principal at Forest Hills, I have wanted to be a teacher. I never questioned my life calling. Teaching was it. But now, as I debate if it's worth leaving my sweet miracle baby every day, I need to remind myself what I love about teaching so I thought I would make a list. 

The reasons I love being a Teacher:
1. I love getting my room ready to begin the school year. Most teachers hate this but I love the excitement of a new year. (Of course, exhaustion sets in quickly and I am wishing for summer by September!)

2. The smiles on the students faces in the morning are priceless. It's a little corny to say but children are so happy and now matter how you feel, they love you and are thrilled to see you in the morning. 

3. I love organizing things. Nothing makes me happier than printing labels for file folders or organizing my cabinets. I love thinking of new ways to arrange my room and organize. I have to have a neat and tidy classroom. Clutter stresses me out!

4. Reading is my favorite subject to teach and I love watching my students learn to read. Every day they build more confidence and by the end of the year they are reading everything!

5. I love eating lunch at 10:15 in the morning. (not really!)

6. Learning new strategies and trying them in my classroom is very exciting to me. Most teachers don't like change but I think trying new things is fabulous! 

7. I love teaching at Forest Hills. We have a fab administration and they are so sweet and kind. They make our work place so happy! 

8. I love that we have a summer break, although the summer is shorter and shorter, I am grateful that we do get that time off. Now that I have a child, I will really cherish that time with him. 

9. I love that I have the chance to make a difference in a child's life. I know that most kids won't remember me when they get older, but I hope that I can show them love and support everyday they are in my care. 

As I get ready to transition back into being a teacher, I just wanted to remind myself of why I walk into the classroom each day. Teaching is not always wonderful. Many days are very hard, exhausting, and thankless but the rewards outweigh the frustrations. I am torn about being away from Parker but I hope that one day he is able to find a job that he loves and is passionate about and he will then understand. 

Kindergarten: Here I come! Bring on the germ killer!


Brooklyn said...

Hey Julie! I don't know if it makes it any harder to leave, but I felt the same way with Brooks. I hated to leave him and thought of him every second during that first day. And YES I left tons of notes (still do :)) I couldn't have left without it. But also know that they won't do things as well as you would want them to, but he will still get great love and care and that's so important! And they will do things "close enough." I think you will enjoy going back after the initial missing Parker stage is over. Soon, you won't miss him quite as much even though you will probably still race out the door at 3:00. I feel the same way about teaching and it would be hard to give up your calling. The good thing is summer's close by and maybe after this month-even though it's one of the hardest months of the year!-you will be able to tell better what God wants you to do. Sorry this was so long, but I feel passionate about your situation!!

John and Amanda said...

I also loved the beginning of the school year. Getting the room ready, folders made, coming up with new ideas for things, etc.. :) I also cried when school started up again that first year I wasn't teaching. It was to be my third year and I'd finally found my way and was so excited... but we had moved over the summer. Now I wonder how I'll handle going back into the classroom in a few more years! Yikes! It won't be long until summer is here. It will be a good trial run to see how you like juggling teaching and raising a baby. Is there even the option of you staying home if you want to?

Julie Greenhaw said...

Thanks Brooklyn and Amanda for the comments. Yes, Amanda, I do have the option to stay home if I really wanted to but my plan is to go back. I think that I am going to take a few years leave if we are able to have another child. May will be a good test run to see how it is being a mommy and a teacher at the same time.

Ashley said...

Hey Julie!! I totally agree with teaching being a "calling". I will never forget Emily Lambert telling me that she is a better mommy because she is a teacher. And now I can totally and completely understand that statement! I do miss Lane when I am away from him, but cherish every moment we are together and hit the door rushing home to him! You will adjust and will be a wonderful mommy and a wonderful teacher!

Katy said...

Did you use the word "fab"?

Julie Greenhaw said...

yes, I did Katy, yes I did...